Been gone for a bit.

Well I’ve been gone here for a while. Not on purpose but just have a little me time. I’ve been trying to figure out what I’m going to do. A lot of things have happened in the last few months.I still love photography a LOT but, I’m not seeing myself getting a job in it anytime soon. I know I need to get out there but I haven’t had a break in a while and I felt I needed one. I may or may not create another website, I know the place I want to do it but I won’t make it just yet. Been doing a bit of photography lately. Today I went to the Festival of Nations here. Took some photos of dancers. I didn’t get to watch them as much. It was ridiculously hot today and there seemed to be less this year than last. But I got a few good shots and had a nice time. I think next year I’ll make myself spend time watching the dancers and taking more photos. I got some side shots of these girls but when I looked at them through Lightroom, I had these huge heads at the bottom that I knew needed to be edited out but would take away from the dancers. Mostly it was just three girls shaking their rumps really fast. đŸ™‚ Though they seemed young to be doing that.

Well I’ll leave today with a photo of the festival, one I really like that I decided to make my profile photo on facebook. I have a few others I could add on here but I want to do some more work before I do that.

Woman dancing at the Festival of Nations 2010

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