Another Update

I really need to get on here more. I’ve gotten quite a few views on two different days in the last week. Pretty cool. So it’s nearly Christmas and I’ve done quite a bit. I did a paying job through work by taking Holiday photos. I put one on here to show. I really liked how my couple photos turned out and the group photo. Wish the kid ones were a bit better but I don’t know how to work with them as much. Plus Adults listen better, most of the time.

Got some photos from England that I’ve barely edited. I got over 200 photos so that will quite a bit to go through.

So update on things so far. Currently looking for another job, found a photography one that is full-time but debating about if I really want to apply for it. It’s not ideal but it might be something and I might not even get it anyway. Also going to apply for a non-academic internship working with photos is an archival area. I’d really like to get that. I’ve also applied for grad school in England. I have no idea when I’ll hear back but I hope I get accepted into at least one school. Either I’m making plans to go there in the Fall. Until next time…


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