A little change

So I’m changing this blog around a bit. It’s really hard to keep up the photo stuff plus I’m taking a slightly different direction than I knew I was going to a year ago. Come August I will be leaving my library job to go over to England for a year to get my masters in library science. Though it’s called something different there, I’m pretty sure it will similar. Right now it’s kind of a countdown to when I’ll be there. I hope to update this with my preparations for going over there, what it’s like living in England and what I’m up to and hopefully some photos 🙂
In a way it will be to keep my family and friends updated and to maybe even gather interest to others who might be curious to know what it’s like over there. I’ll be in Yorkshire England which is the northern part of the country. I’ll be located in Leeds since that’s where the school is but I’m more than sure that I’ll be visiting the town of Huddersfield frequently since my boyfriend and his family live there. Also to note, Yorkshire is a very very large area so the area I will mostly be in is West Yorkshire and for those of you who are not aware, this is nowhere near London. It is amazing how many people automatically think of London when you say that you are going/living in England. It does have quite the population compared to the rest of the country but it is not the only place there is. During my last visit there I went to York, Scarborough and Whitby and they are some of the most amazing places I have ever seen. I think I’ve always been one for living on the coast though as far as Scarborough and Whitby go. But overall everything is beautiful.

I’m hoping in the next month or so to be getting my visa and traveling to Chicago to give the necessary info to finish the visa. And in less than 13 weeks I will be in England!


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