Thinking Out Loud

So I keep thinking about what I’m gonna be bringing with me to England. Obviously I’m gonna be bringing clothes and some personal items. But I have so much stuff I want to bring. I have a couple of jewelry boxes that will probably have to stay though I have this antique piano jewelry box that I think I’ll have my parents ship me, that is if I can’t get it in my suitcases (yeah I’m gonna be bringing at least two and then two carry-ons). Then I think about what clothes I shouldn’t bring. I have so many hoodies, some I really don’t wear, a few months ago I went through my closet and got rid of a bunch of stuff including shoes and gave them to charity. I’m wondering if I’ll have to do that again. Then there is all the books I have. I have the entire collection of the Anne of Green Gables books and then a smaller series of LM Montgomery, as much as I want to bring those I think I’ll have to leave them here. Then there is all my knickknacks and photos. I have a few that I’m definitely bringing like these two cat figurines that my dad gave me for Christmas, and then the photos I have hanging up in my room. I have to decide what to do about my camera. My digital camera has the lens for the film one I used but that doesn’t actually belong to me. So I either have to buy a new lens or beg my mom to let me keep the lens and just leave the film camera which is kind of pointless. Then I have kitchen stuff that is mine. I figure to save me some money I’ll bring a few thing with me on my carry on, like a couple of mugs and glasses that are mine. I was just telling my boyfriend earlier that I think I’ll bring the thermometer I bought with me cause I’m sure I could use it. It’s just odd thinking about what part of my life I will have to leave behind and what I can bring with me.

My parents have offered to post stuff to me when I’m there. Don’t know what but I guess that will be figured out when I get to packing in August. The biggest thing that bothers me that I have to leave behind, are my cats. I take care of them and feed them and love them and currently I have one trying really hard to get my hand to pet her as I type. The older one has health problems that requires medicine and I know exactly what she needs and when she’s feeling bad. I worry that my mother will not understand what’s going on with her and miss something. The other one I know will be fine besides not having me for company. I kind of wonder how things will change around here as far as routine goes when I’m gone. The cats generally stay upstairs cause I’m here and cause the dogs won’t stay out of their stuff. But they’ll have to go downstairs if they want attention or want someone to know they’re hungry  which I know won’t be a problem 🙂 Besides being worried about how they’ll adjust, I’ll miss them. I’ve had the older one since I was in 1st grade so she’s been there for everything. I guess I’ll just make the most of my time with them and hope that I can either bring them here after I’m done with school and/or come back to the states and make another home for us. Wow I guess I have a lot on my mind today. Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. So you’re studying there for a year but I assume you’re just gonna stay afterwards to be with your honey?

    My tip to you is that anything, absolutely anything you can buy in England, leave it here. My pile of stuff from Missouri is currently in boxes on the floor, and I’m still cursing myself for having brought that box of toiletries (I’m a snob) but I had to leave give away a blanket I’ve had since I was three and two pillows whose third matching pillow is here.

    I wouldn’t recommend shipping anything breakable because post is incredibly tough unless it was professionally packed with 50,000 pieces of cardboard.

    I know you read my posts about all of my stuff. I still had three huge bags and boxes of stuff that I left with my neighbor to donate for me, to hold onto until I can send for them and to give to my friends. It’s cleansing but still heartbreaking to think that small, physical parts of me that I’m still attached to are still in St. Louis.

    • Well we don’t know yet if we’re gonna stay in England. Basically I’m gonna try and get a job there and maybe live there for a bit. Or we’ll move back to the States (he’d like to live in America) so it could go either way, he’s stuck with me :). I figure the cups I have that I want to take I’ll put in my carry-on cause they’ll be with me. It’s really only a handful of cups cause I bought them/were given to me. I know I’m gonna need to buy bedding and toiletries and silverware (I’ll make sure it’s cheap but usable) but beyond that I guess I won’t need much. I’m living in a studio apartment kind of thing. One thing I know I can do if it’s anything valuable (like say a PS3) I can sell it on Ebay, my boyfriend does it all the time with things he has so not only will I get rid of stuff I’ll also get some money back.

      I find our situations so interestingly similar. Granted you’re still in the states and I’m moving 4000 miles away but we both have memories and things we’re leaving behind. The difference I think between us is you’ve lived elsewhere (yes I have read ur blog :p) but I’ve never lived outside of St. Louis. So I know in many ways it will be a huge culture shock. Everything is pretty close by, instead of eating pizza and chinese takeout all the time it’s gonna be Indian food (thought they do have that stuff as well lol). I’m gonna find that a lot of businesses close pretty early. I’ll have to get used to public transportation and the one thing I will suffer is lack of root beer. They do not have root beer in England, they have sarsaparilla flavor soda which is a completely different taste. The closest thing I’ve done is some expensive drink they will have at Wetherspoons which is still different but at least drinkable.

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