It’s all coming together

So over the weekend my boyfriend and I were talking about getting my CAS number for my visa and the money that is being sent to the school in August. I hadn’t received the CAS number at the time and I was thinking I really needed it. My plan was on Monday morning to call the school up and ask them for it and talk to them about how the money will be handled. At Webster U. they just put it into an account for me for the money they didn’t use. I wondered if this would be the same. So I emailed first about the money cause I figure I got time to find out about that. And then wrote down all the possible numbers I would need.

That night I went to bed and a thought popped into my head, wait we don’t have long distance on our house phone and my cell barely keeps reception anymore. So I wondered if it would work. Well I woke up Monday morning to my cat snuggling on my arm and decided I would give it a shot anyway. I had a feeling I should check my email before anything else I did so. And what did I find but an email from the school with all the information I needed about a visa and my CAS number. I felt so relieved!!! I’m really bad on the phone and I just worry about what the phone etiquette  is over in England. I know it’s silly but I want to make a good impression and not be one of those Americans.

And then today I got a response from the financial administration about what would happen with the money sent there and what I will need to do when I’m there and how they can give me the money. So besides having to apply for my visa and save some moula for when I’m there, everything is just about set. It makes me soooo happy that I’m not running into too many problems. So before I know it, August will be here and I’ll have my party, I’ll leave my job, pack up and go! So England here I come!


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