Finishing touches and what I’m gonna miss and not

So I am nearly done with the process for school. I got my CAS number recently so I started applying for my student visa. The only thing is, it never once asked me for the CAS number throughout the application. So I’m a little confused about that. I didn’t know if I was suppose to provide it in there somewhere or if I give it to the people I got the appointment with for the biometrics. I’ll bring it with me and hope it will all be okay!

Also I was looking at what I’m supposed to bring with me for the appointment and it says have booking/itinerary of flight to and from the UK but not to book the flight til I receive the Visa. That makes no sense for one and for another I can’t actually book a return flight for over a year in advance. But they probably know that. All this is making me nervous cause I expect them to say oh you screwed up so we’re denying your visa and I have to reapply and then come later than my flight is. I also want to make sure I got everything I need for the appointment, thankfully that isn’t til next week so I got til then to quadruple check I got everything together.

I keep thinking about what I’m gonna miss from St. Louis and what I won’t. I will definitely miss my friend and family and being able to call them up and hang out.

I will not miss the weather especially the damn humidity. I barely got any sleep last night cause it was too warm even with a fan and no covers.

I’ll miss my walks with my friend and former boss Emily, we talk and bitch and sometimes go out to eat together.

God I’ll miss the St. Louis food! Ted Drewes, toasted ravioli and gooey butter cake. Among others…

I’ll miss having a full length fridge, seriously they’re small there.

I won’t miss the stress that work has brought me or certain individuals that create the negative environment.

I will miss some people from work. They’re the ones that still keep me sane.

I’ll miss my room. I’ve made it mine for the last 25 years. I guess I’ll allow the cats to own it.

I’ll miss my kitties, especially poor Missy, who just got diagnosed with kidney disease.

I think I’ll miss my car, I’ll miss being able to just drive anywhere, I won’t miss the damn money it costs me to fix it all the time and for gas.

I’ll miss having unlimited access to books, cds, movies, etc for no cost at all. God I’ve read so much in the last four years it’s crazy.

Irish Car Bombs, it’s kind of a tradition for me to have them on my birthday though this year I think I’m skipping it but I think if I ask for that over there I’d get my ass kicked. It’d be like asking for crashing twin towers here.

Hmmm some more things I won’t miss…feeling guilty cause I haven’t help with this or that lol Sorry mom but it’s true.

I won’t miss my neighbor, his crappy music or his mean dogs!

I won’t miss the chaos that happens after my nephews have been over. Love em but it’s like a tornado hit the playroom lol

I won’t miss brown recluses! Haven’t seen one yet this summer but I’m not gonna hold my breath, but I will have a shoe ready >)

I’ll miss my movie channels, I love watching movies whenever I feel like. I’m hoping I can get the rest of True Blood online since I’m moving in the middle of the 4th Season.

I’ll probably miss my blanky lol.  I’ve had this one probably since I was a baby but it’s so torn up I’m probably gonna trash it when I leave. It was good for a makeshift pillow and as a kid a cape for my kitties.

I’ll miss the malls, they have shops there but not nearly as much as we have especially when it comes clothes for me. Though there might be some in Leeds. I’ll just have to find out.

Well I think for now that all I can think of. It was fun to think about everything that I might miss or might not. Especially with the “Thank God I’m getting away from that!” stuff.


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