6 1/2 weeks to go!

Yay it’s all coming together!!!! Wahooo!!!!!

I sent everything in for my Visa application a few weeks ago though it got returned like a week later cause I was missing a few things. So 3 hours and 60 bucks later I resent it. Yesterday I received an email from them saying it was received and I would be notified when they next step in the process was being done. About average it takes like 10 days for the processing. I don’t know when I’ll get it back exactly but it’s supposed to be sent back quickly. They know when I’m leaving so hopefully they’ll make sure it’s back before then. So really there are only a few things I need to do. I linked my bank account to paypal to make transactions between my UK account and American account easier (I unfortunately still have bills to pay) and I am thinking of getting some more luggage though I will ask my parents first if there is anything they can part with. I also need to get a few gifts for my boyfriend and his family since they are so kind as to take me in again til I get settled in my apartment. I’m getting really excited. It’s funny cause the plane ride which should be a drag cause of how long it is makes me more excited. Knowing that I’m just that much closer to being in England (and being closer to my sweetie). And then I’m there for an entire year. I almost wish I was going to school part time lol Cause I could be there for 3 years but it probably be better if I didn’t do that. I don’t know how my dad would feel being the cosigner for that long. I got to remember though too I have to pay money each month towards the loan so it’s not so bad a year later. That is one thing I’m not looking forward to is paying back a even more ridiculous loan than I had from Webster. Sadly even that I wasn’t able to pay 😦 I had to have help. My parents are saints for putting up with that and I have to say I do appreciate them all the more for helping me. I definitely owe them a lot. Now I have about 6 1/2 weeks til I leave and a little more than 4 weeks til I am done with my job. Within that time I’m trying to pay off bills and save what little money I have. That’s gonna be hard to do with the bills I got. Oh yeah and I got my party coming up soon. I hope that goes alright. Anyway I should get ready for work. Got lots to do between now and then.


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