Not England Bound Yet

Well it’s been a bit since I’ve posted. I was hoping to post that I got my visa and that I was on my way to England. But alas that is not what this is.

Thursday I got an email saying my visa application was being rejected. Though I will not know why until my documents and passport are sent back Monday with the notice. Luckily though all is not lost. There are a few things I can do and the school is working on it with me. Worse case scenario is I’ll have to wait until January and I’ll lose the student accommodation and get a job until then. But I will get there. I may end up having to stay with my boyfriend instead but that is a good deal too. Mean I’ll get to stay in the country longer.

Now if you ever decide to get a visa and fly to another country please listen to what they say and wait to buy your ticket or get a refundable one. I was lucky and will be getting all money back but I had to pay a hefty fine. So I’m pretty dang broke now! I keep looking at the positives of still being in St. Louis. One of them would be Festival of Nations. I got to go today and if I had been in England would have missed it. I’m also going to be able to keep up with True Blood (they’re behind on American television). Ted Drewes is gonna be on list of things to do before I go. Adam Richman from Man V. Food recommended it cause he knows it’s the best frozen custard around. Oh and I’ll be able to drink root beer still, wonderful wonderful root beer!

Since I’ve left the library I have been missing the unlimited books and dvd access. But (insert product placement) I still get to see what new stuff is coming out thanks to That website is so cool. If you like books and want to share what you’ve read and see what others have read, plus they have trivia, quizzes and giveaway contests etc. So if you like that kind of stuff go there.

So I shall leave you today with photos of a Japanese performing group called COBU. They were the main event today at the festival.

COBU ©Lisa Helker
COBU ©Lisa Helker
COBU ©Lisa Helker
COBU ©Lisa Helker

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