Happy Chocolate Cake

So my second visa application was sent off yesterday and arrived at the British Consulate today around 11am Eastern time. I didn’t hear anything from them saying they had started the process like last time. I’m hoping they will tomorrow and within a few days have a decision made (and a positive one at that) and I’ll make my celebratory Happy Chocolate Cake. One great thing about working in a library, you discover books you would have never noticed before had you not check it in or shelved it. One such book I discovered was Chocolates Cakes: 50 great cakes for every occasion. It looked utterly¬†delicious. I have since purchased that book and made 3 cakes with it. I think just about every thing in there I want to make. One is called Happy Chocolate Cake. It’s a layered devil’s food cake with chocolate buttercream. It’s meant for any occasion and I originally wanted to make it for my birthday but alas 90-100 degree weather and my mom made me choose an ice cream cake instead. (though I will say that was a great idea cause chocolate covered toasted coconut is heaven!) My plan is to make this cake when I get the good results. I am making this plan optimistically because now there is really no reason for them to deny me. I’m hoping that I can be there sometime next week if they make a decision this week and that they won’t take an uber long time when I only have until October to be at school. And to be perfectly honest they really need to tell me it’s okay cause I’m going nuts just sitting at home and not doing much due to lack of money and lack of anything to do especially now that the application was sent. So I shall leave you with the cake I want to make and I hope it will look nearly as good as it does in this photo.


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