England Bound Forreals!

So I woke up this morning with my cat in my face. Nothing unusual of course. So I got up to feed her and made my way back to my room to turn on my computer. And boom an email from the UKBA. I held my breath as I opened it. It said, “Your UK Visa has been issued.” And I’m immediately filled with happiness and joy to the point I can feel tears welling up. I don’t think I have ever cried out of happiness before so this was a big moment. So what do I do first? Update facebook :p Cause I’m an addict. I don’t email my boyfriend, I don’t immediately email the school or my accommodation or even call my mother (though the thought did occur to me). So now I have done all but call my mom. I’ve looked up flights, unfortunately flying from St. Louis isn’t cheap. So I’m considering Chicago since that cuts the price in half. Now how to get to Chicago, I know my family offered to drive me there but it means canceling their plans for the weekend. I guess they won’t mind but who knows. I can also take a train but man the anticipation of that is nuts! That’s something I will have to discuss with my parents and my boyfriend. And I have to basically wait until the dang thing gets here or says when it will get here before I can go. But I figure what I can do is start packing (I already got out both my suitcases) and hope I can leave by this weekend and with no hitches. Oh and I made that chocolate cake a few days early. I think cause I knew it was gonna happen plus I had time over the weekend. Here’s a picture of my early celebration. 

And ignore the coffee pot :p


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