It’s really happening…

I am really moving to England. Yesterday when I got my passport back along with my visa I was really happy and excited. Cause I wouldn’t have to wait until the winter to try for a third time. But then I started packing the other day just to get everything together and get an idea of what I need to bring with me. I started crying. I wasn’t really sure why. But I’ve had time to think about it.

Over the weekend my parents decided that they’re going to move to Lake of the Ozarks sometime in the spring of 2012. This would be while I’m away at school. So the house I grew up in will not be here when I get done with school. I won’t be moving back necessarily but if I want to see my parents I’ll have to go 3 hours outside of St. Louis to see them. So that was kind of a big thing that made me upset. In just a few days I won’t see this place for a while and it won’t be the same (I am planning a visit around Easter but they could have moved or be nearly ready to by then). Then I realize my friends who I hang out with and talk to all the time won’t be available like before. I hung out with two friends the last two days and tonight when I was saying goodbye to my friend Laura, it hit me. I won’t be seeing her in a week or two like we have been. We can’t just go hang out and get food together and talk about what’s going on with us. We have facebook which we’ve been doing when she’s busy with school or work. But it was like a goodbye for a while not a see you later. So I gave her a hug and even said this is so weird cause I’m not gonna see you next week and we tried our best not to cry as we talked about other ways we could talk still. And we then got into our cars and went home crying. We of course started talking once we were both back home lol It’s not that different from what usually happens with us. We hang out and before we know we continue our conversation online.

This is going to sound odd but, I had my last pumpkin spice latte tonight. According to my boyfriend they don’t really tend to have pumpkin dishes. They have pumpkins but they don’t do the thing we usually do around November and start making pies or other pumpkin desserts or drink pumpkin flavored coffee. Nor do smores exist over there because they don’t have graham crackers. First time I ever told my boyfriend about them he was like, what crackers? I’m hoping I can find pumpkin puree over there otherwise I will have to learn to make my own. And maybe find a nice alternative to graham crackers. It’d be awesome if they had one of those kind of international stores that we get in the states but it would have stuff you would typically get in America. Granted I love the food over there but I’m gonna miss stuff like that.

I’m also going to miss my cat. In the last two months we’ve gotten really close cause I needed comfort after my other cat Missy, who I had for 20 years passed away. I’ve always loved Indy but Missy was the Alpha so she had to take the backseat to all the things I used to do with Missy. For years I thought Indy didn’t like human food but it was cause Missy was the one to get it first. Now whenever I have food, Indy is suddenly in my lap trying to get my food and she’s far more aggressive with trying to get it (though not nearly as aggressive as Missy was when it came to chicken). She’s been my crutch and my buddy and the one to keep me company. In fact she is curled up next to me as we speak cause she loves to be right next to me all the time. I want to eventually bring her over here and I found it is not as hard as I thought it would be to bring her over. She’s just got to get a couple of things done and then whenever I come for a visit (or my mom comes and visits me) she can come too and live with me (or temporarily with my boyfriend since my flat won’t allow pets and he loves her almost more than me :p) She’ll be in good hands until then though.

So come Monday I will no longer be living in the US. I will be a student in Leeds and living there and be in the same time zone as my boyfriend rather than 6 hours behind him. It makes me unbelievably happy that I will be living a dream and goal of mine and be close to the love of my life. But damn will I miss everyone in St. Louis.


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