I can’t open doors

That would be my boyfriend’s title idea. He decided to write it in when I went to the bathroom to hang the towel I had been using. I was trying to open his door and for some reason I can’t open it with my right hand. So I found out yesterday that I missed my first class and I have a full day tomorrow. I’m catching up tomorrow though which is great. Today I tried to enroll but couldn’t cause they were having problems with their graduate students or something online. But I did sign a paper to say I’m here. Then I got my ID card as well as set up with the international office. I opened a back account though I won’t be able to access anything for a few days since the card needs to be sent to me and then I’ll get something that gives me my ID for online access. I got set up with my room and will only really need to unpack and buy the essentials. It will be very easy to get to school or so I’m told. Driving around today with Mike’s parents rather confused me cause we got lost once or twice. Mike is going to help me get to Leeds tomorrow or well I’m be a scared, confused lost little American girl. Just wonder what he’ll do while I’m in school all day. Wish I could remember what else I was gonna say. OH YEAH!

Interesting fact: Besides driving on the left side of the road, their rules for highway driving are the exact opposite to ours. At least in St. Louis the right lane was for the slower going traffic and the left lane was for the speed freaks. In England, Left is for slow, right is for fast. And then you can’t pass on the left or undertake when going around a vehicle. Also they drive a lot faster or seemingly faster so I had motion sickness at least twice today. It was more the start and stop are so abrupt to me than at home. But they’re cars can handle it better from what I’ve seen. Anyway I think that was the biggest thing I wanted to share. Now I’m gonna go call my mom since I haven’t heard from her since I was still in the states. Good Night!


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