First Day of School

So I am home now after an entire day in Leeds. I really enjoyed my first class. Got excited about the idea of making my own website over a subject I like. I already got ideas brewing. I’ll be making a wordpress page and be using HTML. That’s in a few weeks. I think I’ll probably make a new account on here so I can keep it separate. My Course Leader session as well as my research module was cancelled today cause the course leader wanted us to go to graduating students presenting their dissertation. But considering I’ve only been here a day I didn’t see that happening. Instead I met up with Mike and a friend of his and we sat in a pub drinking and me eating lunch. Normally I wouldn’t be meeting up with Mike but he helped me get into town today and walked me to school and then when he wasn’t walking around town or meeting up with his friend he went to see how long it took for me to walk to Leeds Met from my flat. About a 45 minute walk. Not bad really and I wouldn’t mind doing it. Though when it gets to be too cold to walk I’ll need to get a bit more familiar with the bus routes. And with the trains for when I need to get to Leeds or Huddersfield. The second class was good too, most of the same people and the professor made things interesting though I did feel a bit dumb when he seemed to know more about what’s going on in America than me. Just shows how sheltered Americans are in their worldly news. But while I was enjoying sitting in class and learning, poor Mike went walking all over to the point of about 8 miles total since we also bought a few things I needed for my flat and we walked the 45 minutes with arms full of stuff. So we got there and I had to have them fix my FOB so I could get into the building and then we got my room set up as much as possible without hangers and pillows and all my food or cooking supplies. So once me and Mike had rested we went to Nandos for dinner. OH…MY…GOD! So good! I had medium heated chicken, corn on the cob and chips. Mike also had me try one of his hot wings which I demolished in seconds. Then a few minutes later felt the heat. We then got some sweets at the train station since they thought we were done with the table before we could decided to order dessert. Mini caramel shortbread = yum. So now we finally made it home. Mike had a soaking bath for his poor feet. I’ve just been relaxing. So tomorrow will be a lazy day and hopefully ending with MUMBAI SPICE! Been wanting it for a while. Then this weekend I’ll finish moving into my flat and get into my route of spending about 3 days at least in Leeds studying and such and then spend an early weekend with Mike. Anyhow time to go. It’s nearly 11 and we’re tired. 🙂


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