Oh the joys of student accommodation

Having never lived away from home during all my years of undergraduate college I never really knew the joys of living in student accommodation. Now there were a lot of options for me to look at and also within the place I live now. Though what I wanted was a silver level studio in the graduate/international student block. I thought it would be best to be closer to others like me but unfortunately they didn’t have the silver level studio I wanted. Instead I’m in with other students, though I’m sure a few are like me and go to bed at a reasonable hour cause they have stuff to do the next day. But then there are the others that like to go out around 11 at night and then come back and laugh and shout with their buddies and scream like freaking banshee cause they think it’s funny (seriously, what is the point of it besides to jolt some innocent sleeping student awake and then have it take forever to go to sleep again before something else wakes them up.) I’m hoping once the next few weeks go by it will die down a little, along with the help of ear plugs. If not, then I will likely spend most of the first semester at Mike’s especially since I only have classes Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Another thing I will have to get used to is drinking instant coffee. I just made my first cup for myself ever. It’s not too bad actually, not compared to the stuff I made at home once. Though I put too much instant in and had to water it down with milk and sugar. But it’s definitely helping me with the inability to sleep last night. Anyway I did receive my bank card yesterday but not the pin lol Hopefully that will come in the next day or two. But I can buy some stuff online I was thinking of getting. They don’t have Crest here and my toothbrush is one of the Crest spin brushes but before I came here Mike and I found a website that sells them. I’m gonna need to get a second toothbrush anyway to keep at Mike’s but at least I’m good for now. So the plan for today is to look at stuff online for around here, try to get a doctor or clinic to see me so I can keep getting my meds and go walking around to see the timing for getting to the city center/campus or to where my classes are held. And also found some buses that take me fairly close back to my flat from the university. I need to write down a few bus numbers so I know which ones to take when I’m here and it’s raining or at Uni or from the train station when I’ve come back from Mike’s.

Oh yeah the most important thing I need to do today is go to the reception desk and show them the water damage I have in my room. It appears the sink either leaked or flooded and one of the walls in pretty badly damaged. I also got various stains throughout the place from the previous tenants and want to make sure they’re noted so I’m not blamed for it. Then I think I do a little bit more cleaning. the windows could do with a vacuum and the bathroom needs a bit more cleaning. I think once I got everything cleaned to the way I like it then I’ll post some photos of my humble abode. Until then! 🙂


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