Out and About The UK

So I’m settling into school more. I’m researching for papers I am working on or work I’m doing. Still have a bit to do that I haven’t started on yet. But I’m not really wanting to talk that much about school. More about Leeds and the surrounding areas I’ve visited lately.

Leeds has quite a bit to do though I don’t tend to go out much unless I’m with Mike. But the shopping is quite nice. And a few food places as well. This past weekend we went out Friday evening for dinner and spend Sunday during the day going shopping. There is a movie theater in one building that also has quite a few restaurants and some shops. Nandos is quite good, it’s mostly chicken with a bit of spice to it though Mike and I found a takeaway we like that has the same food but cheaper. We also tried an Italian chain that was quite good. Felt like I was being served and didn’t really have to ask for much. The best part was getting my dessert from one manager and then another bring my coffee out to me. It was nice.

Sunday we went walking around the city center looking at different shops and getting something here or there or just having a look. Look around in quite a few shops for nice walking shoes but didn’t find anything that shouted at me. Got my new PS3 for a nice deal and Mike got himself a game he wanted. Also found two Jane Austen books for only a few pounds. It was a probably the best deal I found on books. Besides shopping/window shopping we saw quite a few street performers and vendors out on the street. I rather enjoyed watching one guy sing and play guitar and be very into the music. What I’d call a true entertainer, so I gave him a some change and watched some others. One of the vendors selling food had some interesting options for burgers and sandwiches. One was venison which twice since I have been here I have tried to order only to be told they weren’t serving it or were out and both times ended up getting lamb instead. The lamb was quite good but it has been years since I had venison and I want to try some again. Of course I didn’t get any cause it was too late in the day to have it as a snack and not ruin my plans for dinner. But that’s was basically it for my time in Leeds

Saturday was probably the best day in my opinion. We went to York 🙂 I got to say that York is probably my favorite town to visit. It’s fun, there is plenty to do, great food and really not a bad place to live/work. The only intention we have in York was to watch the light show they were gonna have at the Castle Museum. But it wasn’t til that evening and we had time to spare. I looking around at different shops. Went to supposedly one of the most haunted houses in York though nothing really happened. But I may have gotten some kind of spiritly evidence on my camera. We also went to about two different pubs that were real pubs, not the kind that served the larger more modern public. The first one went in was so small they asked that large parties not come in especially stag/hen parties. They only had one cider I liked and you really couldn’t see what they had to offer from the side we choose to sit at. It was like stepping into the 30s-50s again (depending on you want to look at it). All dark wood panelling, a nice fire, cushions on the seats and little stools with round tables. They did minimal bar food and had lace curtains. It was nice and I liked that it wasn’t crowded. The second one we went to was apart of the York Brewery and didn’t have any kind of cider I liked, just dry cider. They were both more like Ale pubs but it was still enjoyable. The second one seemed a bit bigger and had an upstairs to sit at. They were decorated for Halloween and then had all these stickers on the bar of the different drinks they served at one time from York Brewery. The actual bar didn’t seem to have much but maybe that was just in looks. Seemed livelier than the other pub but was still enjoyable. Now York is voted 5th best city to dine in Europe. And Mike and I have to agree. The place we went to was like a Latin restaurant that had good tapas though we choose to go with something different (I had to change my order at the last minute cause once again no venison steak!) but it was quite good. Though I have to say the waiter could have been better. He didn’t check on us very often and kind of made Mike feel insulted when he made a joke about venison. But he didn’t ruin the taste of the food. I’m not much for sweet potatoes but the mash that went with the lamb shanks were amazing. And I know you’re not supposed to eat the fat off of meat (or at least not all of it) but the fat on the lamb shanks were so flavorful and delicious I couldn’t help myself. It was just as sweet as the potatoes and complimented the meat nicely. I’m loving lamb more and more and now just find other meat like pork bland and too dry. Though my mind might change on that later if I have some amazing roast or steak with all kinds of flavor. But flavor definitely makes the meat. Thinking about it now just makes me want some more. I’m hoping to discover other great foods through the areas I visit and maybe cook from home (or Mike’s) too. Anyway I shall leave you with a few photos and a link to the light show from York.

Are those ghostly orbs?



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