Colds and Bonfire Night

Last week I came down with a cold. I was hoping I was just waking up with a slightly scratchy throat that would go away as I got up and started doing stuff. Unfortunately it didn’t. So Wednesday I spent the day trying to do homework and getting slightly distracted by non-homework stuff. That afternoon I met up with Mike and we went to his and had a nice evening in watching a movie and eating dinner. The next morning instead of going to school I stayed home because of my cold. I did stuff around the house and attempted homework since I wasn’t at school. Got a little bit done but the distraction of certain cats kept me from doing more. I swear they know when you’re doing something important and decide to sabotage it. The rest of the weekend was a mixture of hanging out, being sick, trying to do homework and generally being lazy. Mike and his mom were gone for a bit because they was recording a cd with his brass band so I mostly just hung out with his dad and the cats. I stayed over Monday again and had every intention of doing homework buuuuuuut I did something else instead. Mike’s mom has offered to pay me to do ironing once a week and I’ve been thinking about it and decided to do a bit Monday cause I never got to it Saturday due to doing homework instead. It was 4 hours of ironing a basket full of stuff and I didn’t even get finished but I did it! And I got paid lol It was nice to do something for his mom since she has been nice enough to do stuff for me while I’m there.

Now for Saturday evening after Mike and his mom got back from recording. Bonfire night is celebrated here on November 5th. It’s to remember Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot against King James I of England and VI of Scotland. The reasoning behind it has mostly been forgotten but people still like to have a bonfire and shoot off fireworks every year. Bonfire toffee and toffee apples are popular for this particular event. Now one thing I’m a bit interested by when reading about Guy Fawkes Night/Bonfire Night/etc. He wasn’t the only one in on it and as far as I can tell not in charge of anything beyond guarding the explosives. Guess he made a bigger impact. But anyway, we had dinner and shot off some fireworks in the backyard. They don’t really have a bonfire around here now according to Mike’s mom. Too bad, would have been fun. Now we have some fireworks for New Years Eve 🙂

Here the link to the videos I took.

And lastly I want to mention one more thing, it’s sad news unfortunately. My mom emailed me last night to let me know she had to put poor little Onrey to sleep. He’s been having some problems the last few months and they found out he has kidney stones. He was too old to guarantee that he would survive surgery so my mom thought it best to let him be at peace. I’m gonna miss that little guy.






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