Mushrooms, Leaks and Breaks

Back in October when I first moved into my accommodation in Leeds, I found odd water damage by the kitchen sink. I let someone know at the desk and they told me to let the maintenance man know through the website. So I did and after I sent the request I also saw water coming  from the bottom of the heater/boiler thingy under my kitchen sink. The maintenance guy noticed it after looking around and said he would contact someone to come out and take a look at it. Well they did and we found the problem. The solution was to get a new heater/boiler thingy. A month later it still hasn’t been fixed. Now I should have gone in sooner but being busy and not around here as much as I thought (sometimes this place disgusts me so I runaway to Mike’s) and assuming the part just hadn’t come in. I find the maintenance guy was informed it was fixed even though it wasn’t. I let him know it was still leaking and it was put on their board to give a call, I guess something was some miscommunication because now it says awaiting part and when I went in to the reception to talk to the maintenance guy about a note he left for another issue (I’ll get to that in a minute). He said he’s waiting for the part still and he’ll contact the Plummer about it again and come in with him when he comes to fix/check on it. Thinking about it now I wonder if he is coming in tomorrow to look at it or he has someone coming tomorrow to fix it.

Anyway to issue number 2! My combi microwave oven doesn’t really work. Apparently it heats stuff up but after 3 minutes of him trying to heat water and only getting to a warm temperature, he’s also ordering a new one. I’m not the only one with the issue either cause he’s waiting on two new microwaves/parts. He says everything else works which I agree with. When I use the convection part it has worked just fine but the fact that minor things I want to make can’t be done or I have to use the hob cause the microwave isn’t working! But that was an issue I saw to right away and the maintenance guy has been quick about answering. But I’m not quite done either. I’m definitely making this guy work for his money!

Issue number 3 just happened like 10 minutes ago. I was enjoying a nice warm shower and had just put conditioner in my hair and was rinsing it out when I noticed something odd. There was about an inch or two of water at the bottom of the stall and nearly covering my feet! Oh crap it’s gonna flood! So I immediately turn the water off and stand there waiting to see if the water will drain. Nothing or at least I think so. So I get out and pull the drain cover off to see if maybe there is a ton of (yucky!) hair. None that could be causing the problem But man that drain is slimy! So slightly grossed out and no closer to getting the water out. I decide I need to rinse my hair out cause I likely have conditioner still in it. Got that done with and dried myself off though still no difference in the water level. So now I sit here after I’ve put in my third maintenance job hoping nothing else goes wrong. I already have the issue of loud students in the middle of the night and the moldy smell that I want to make go away once the boiler thing gets fixed and then waiting on my freeview box since Mike and discovered by my ariel won’t work.

I also have papers and assignments that are gonna be due soon. I have one completed and another I still need to work on. As well as a paper for once class I haven’t done much for. Thankfully that isn’t due until January so I won’t worry too much about that for the moment until I have the other paper finished. Anyway best get ready for company, I hate not knowing too many people yet. I tend to crave a lot of attention, especially when I know I won’t be around others much.

Oh yeah I nearly forgot.

My new roommate Malcolm

This photo was the day I met him. He’s looking a little worse for wear these days. I’m hoping he’s dying and I won’t have to put up with him for long. He’s just a daily reminder of how crap this place is. Otherwise the maintenance man will be taking care of him.


UPDATE: Malcolm has died, noticed yesterday his head had come off. Picked him up this morning and I think spores were trying to come out, not about to have Malcolm babies shooting up everywhere though. My boiler finally got replaced, apparently it was done yesterday at school but I haven’t even bothered looking. This morning the maintenance man woke me up and saw to my clogged drain. He also gave me a new soap dish cause the other one was broken when I moved in and took the shower thing off its hook so it was easier to handle 🙂 He also told me that he’s got 4 orders awaiting on the microwaves cause they’re going through a different company now. And was given an estimate of about 7 days at least. So I should have a new microwave next week. Pretty happy about that. So no more leaky boiler, no more clogged drain and soon no more bad mircrowave.


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