Happy Thanksgiving!

Well it’s Thanksgiving back home. Don’t think I can find a turkey for today unless we end up going out to eat for dinner tonight. I’ve for the most part been locked up in my room at Leeds to focus on my homework and my paper that is due next week. Managed to get 1950 words out before my brain stopped working. Not bad for attempting it first time. Mike will hopefully be looking at it and then I can edit it properly and get everything else out that needs to be done and I’ll have a fairly decent paper done. Then it will be working on 1 academic blog and 2 reports plus a third one for the class I’m currently writing a paper for. Got quite a bit to do over break but I got 3 weeks until then. So everything that was an issue in my room this past blog has been fixed. I got my new microwave yesterday and it works great. Even got a manual so I can look over things when I’m unsure of the setting. So since I won’t be at home and even if I were there isn’t much to do because my mom is leaving for a cruise and my dad is going to Lake of the Ozarks (I’d likely just be staying at home hanging out with the animals) I’m gonna bake a pie. There will be a good reason for baking the pie anyway since Mike’s dad’s birthday is this weekend and he likes it. Got two different recipes I’m going to attempt to put together and hope it comes out well. I can’t help but find it funny that on a day that I’m usually off for everything, I’m sitting in class (and yes I shouldn’t be doing this during class but I’ve been so busy with school work and might not have time this weekend). Hope everyone has a good holiday and enjoys their food comas. 🙂


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