Crunch Time, Christmas Time!

So this week I have a paper due and I finally got it done. I’m kind of nervous about the referencing. I’ve never done Harvard referencing before and I have yet to get feedback on my last assignment I turned in so I have no idea if I didn’t anything wrong. And be cause they have basically drilled into us not to plagiarise I’m a bit paranoid I didn’t put an in-text citation. But I’ve looked it over and over again and it looks right. I asked questions of those that know the Harvard stuff. So I should be okay but that paranoid part of me continues to nag. I think I understand why I was ready to be done with school before lol But I’m glad I’m here and that I did take a year off from school. So now I got two reports to do, an academic blog which I had intended to start on today cause it’s not very long but oh look someone finally posting reading for this week the day before class. So I’m doing that instead. No idea what paper I should start on first after this. Academic blog is easy so I want to get that out of the way first but then it’s should I work on the one paper I’ve hardly done anything for all semester? So I don’t have as much to do over winter break? Or should I work on the next one that I have done nothing for cause all the focus has been on assignment 1 and this is assignment 2. This basically my daily internal  debate.  Anyway I amazed that tomorrow is gonna be December! (and I think my sister-in-law’s birthday) And Christmas is less than a month away. I got everything covered though. Just need to give my boyfriend some money towards whatever he gets his dad for his Christmas. Don’t think he has any idea what to get though. But I got everything sent out and/or ordered. Think once my mom comes back from her cruise the box will be there and she’ll start sending out my Christmas cards. I don’t know why but I’m kind of excited about those. I wanted to send something to all my family (and I have done this before but it was when I went to church, one year it was easier than baking) and I picked the cards cause they were Christmasy and had a little element of being here (I loved the red mailbox in one of them, all the ones in the US aren’t circular and they’re blue). Plus I’ll get to spend my first Christmas with Mike. And maybe even see some snow soon. It’s keeps being talked about and the weather is slowly getting colder, there is a forecast for snow Monday but who knows if that’s gonna be correct come Monday. I’m definitely getting into the Christmas spirit. I kind of want to decorate my room too but I won’t be here for about 3 weeks so it’s kind of like, is there a point? I buy an ornament or two and put some decorations in the window especially it’s something more winter like that I can keep up past December. Might see about it this weekend. No idea what my plans are for Friday since I may end up being here to turn in my paper or heading to Huddersfield Thursday night. Think I might stay here and do a little bit of shopping and then head there in the afternoon or when Mike gets off work. Anyway I should probably get back to my reading. 🙂


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