Guess Whose Not In School Today?


Though technically it’s the end of the school day since I would be done with class by now. I decided to stay home and do some work (sleep in). Next week will be the last week of school before Christmas Break. Then I’ll have three weeks off with many things to do which include Mike’s Birthday, baking, doing homework (Ugh!), Christmas and New Years, and get re-obsessed with the Sims 3. My package to the US made it. So hopefully some very lucky people will be getting their cards soon. I do find it funny with what my mom said when she saw my Christmas present to my dad, Lisa sent you something for Christmas but you aren’t gonna get until Christmas! His gift would probably be gone before then if he got it sooner. Though being an adult I don’t think he cares as much about getting a present early or maybe that’s just him. He is the kind of guy that will get you a gift last-minute but it’s generally a really nice gift and one that suits your personally. Plus I love it when he goes last-minute antique shopping and I get really cool stuff. Last year he got me some cat figurines and before that he gave me some antique jewelry boxes.

Anyway this year will be good. I get to bake cookies, I get to laze about and do nothing and I also get to make cinnamon rolls for Christmas! I can’t wait. This will be my first time making them because I think before we always used to do the Pillsbury ones that you get out of the canister after whacking it  against the counter edge (for some reason I always enjoyed doing stuff that required a bit of destruction and minor violence and that makes it sound really bad but it’s therapy in my opinion :P). The recipe I’m using is from someone off WordPress who was recently freshly pressed. I’ll need to find him again cause I know I’ll be putting it on my school blog and need to credit him properly. Anyhow can’t think of much else to write cause I need to finish getting ready to head to Mike’s for the weekend. Hope everyone isn’t have any bad weather like here. Scotland and North England have got crazy wind that’s like going 130 mph, got a bit here too but not nearly as bad. Ta ta!


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