Party time! Wait…what do you mean I got three papers to do?!

I’d like to think now that classes are basically done until February and I’m heading over to Mike’s until sometime in the New Year that I’ll be able to relax and take it easy. Nope I got papers to do. One is due just after the official break is over with so I have to do that. The other two aren’t due until the end of January but I got lots I need to do for them. I won’t be in Leeds much unless I want to come to school. Can’t decide when I want to come back in January. Really won’t need to until near the end. So right now I should be making myself a little lunch and cleaning up a bit before I pack my stuff. But I’m being a bit lazy and decided to write a blog entry before I do anything else. Yesterday was kind of interesting. I had a presentation of my other blog for my class and the few suggestions I got I kind of thought were a bit odd and didn’t really fit with the theme I got going on with it. I humbly disagree with the suggestions and will keep it the way I have it at the moment. I do want to make a bit prettier later on but for now it’s staying the way it is. The other class we had a class discussion about libraries and I wish I had recorded what we had talked about because thinking about it now it would go really well with the topic I choose for the last paper. Oh well, I at least have the readings we were discussing. I’m looking forward to the next three weekends 🙂 I guess it’s a good thing that Christmas and New Years fall on a weekend cause I rarely do any work on the weekends. Ooooh can’t wait for next week though! I’m making my snickerdoodle cookies that it seems nowhere in the UK seems to have heard of and cinnamon rolls with hot cocoa Christmas morning 🙂 I haven’t hardly gotten a chance to bake anything beyond that apple pie I made for Mike’s Dad’s Birthday. And I love making the snickerdoodles, and love eating them even more! Do have to do it a bit different this year since cream of tartar has something in it that Mike’s dad can’t have but I did find recipes for opting out the cream of tartar. So I’ll be making a small batch for his dad and a another batch for everyone else 🙂 Wonder if anyone at home will make them since I won’t be. They’re my dad’s favorite cookie, his grandmother used to make them all the time when he was a kid and I can understand why he loves them. Though I doubt he is as big a fan of cinnamon as I am. But these are probably the best melt in your mouth cookie I have ever had. Makes me hungry just thinking about it. Well best sort out some lunch and get this place cleaned and packed before I go! Tata!


Oh yeah wanted to show off my Christmas present from my parents that I got today.

Thanks Mom!

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