Birthdays and Cookies

So I kept meaning to get on here and post a real post, besides the one of the cute kitty, was tempted to put another one yesterday of the other cat creeping on the windowsill outside but I just put that on Facebook instead. Last weekend was the birthday extravaganza for Mike. It went fairly well. Lots of people showed up Saturday, I got to meet a lot of more Mike’s friends from university and I got to dress up! Then Monday was our nice quiet day together though it mostly was him sleeping in and me chilling out downstairs with the cats until he joined me. We also discovered that we much prefer staying in and playing games and talking and eating pizza and then going out to Wetherspoons than going to any clubs. Though unfortunately Wetherspoons closed sooner than we wanted. A few of us went home before the others, my night kind of lost the appeal when a guy came into the Ladies restroom despite the Men’s being right next door. And Mike was on a fruit machine when he was getting his money back and suddenly gave an error message. The staff weren’t that helpful (and still have yet to call him after we went in the next day) and it was crappy end to the evening but we were happy to go home and relax a bit before bed. I kind of crashed and got into bed rather than return downstairs, I woke a few times to see people coming into the room with greasy takeaway and then next thing I remember it was the middle of the night and Mike was next to me and one of his friends was snoozing on the couch and anyone else was downstairs. Sunday involved me cleaning the mess from the night before up and going with Mike to see a few people off that had work the next day. Then we picked up one more person and headed to his to hang out before his nice dinner that we had yet to decide on. In the end it was a nice dinner, we went to this Italian restaurant and I had veal for the first time, though will say the pasta with it was kind of bland but the veal made up for it. After that we went to a pub that was next to where a friend of his was staying for the weekend. It was a nice little pub with two Shi zu Yorkie mix dogs that either sat next to you on the seats or took over one of the couches to nap. The bartender was the owner I think, we had a nice chat about where I was from and everything and I asked him about his dogs since one of them looked like Onrey, and surprisingly enough his brother looked like Onrey’s brother Bear. Difference between them is Onrey and Bear had poodle rather than Yorkie mix in them.

Anyhow Mike and I think we found a new local pub cause it was a nice atmosphere and the bartender gave one of Mike’s friends a free shot to try something before he made a mixer and then Mike got some apple brandy that was quite strong but had a nice apple aftertaste.  This week I haven’t done much homework wise though I did find all the articles I’m gonna use for one class for my research and I started writing a report for my other WordPress blog. Still need to do a lot for the last paper but I got some time.

Yesterday I made snickerdoodle cookies. I did a different recipe that I usually do cause I found one in a British cookbook. For the most part it does taste like a snickerdoodle but one that has nutmeg as well. I was pretty excited to make them too and once I started cooking them I realized something was wrong. It has been about a year since I made these but I didn’t remember them being as sticky as they were when rolling them around in the cinnamon-sugar mixture. And then the first batch kind of moved down and got stuck together. I thought maybe I put too much on a pan and didn’t have them on the right rack so the second batch went in and when I noticed a similar thing happening I looked at the recipe again and realized, I didn’t have enough flour in it. I had doubt the recipe but hadn’t double the amount of flour. I decided I would try to add more flour to the rest of the batter. Those came out a lot better but I’ve decided to make them again next week so there’s more decent cookies. Anyhow this post has gotten ridiculous long. But will leave you with a few photos.

The messed up batch
The decent cookies on top


Me with the Birthday Boy

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