Christmas Aftermath

Phew! I just got done writing a rather trying post. You can read it here if you like. It’s my other blog for class and I figured if I went into all that effort to write I better share it. Anyhow. I started this post last night but ended up having to save the draft until I could get back to it which is now. Last night I went out with Mike to get some drinks with a friend and we got dinner and realized it was Wednesday and I have Orange for my phone so we did the 2-4-1 deal they have at the movies and saw the latest Sherlock Holmes movie. It wasn’t too bad, not as comical as the first one though it still had elements of awesomeness from the first. And then they left an ending that made you think it wasn’t over but then again there were many Sherlock Holmes stories. So who knows if there will be more. Didn’t stay to see if there was anything for after the credits. Would have liked to but it was about 11:30 when it ended and we had a half hour walk home plus Mike had to work in the morning. His early night idea when straight out the window when he suggested the movies lol

Right so what I wanted to get to was my Christmas weekend. Friday and Saturday were lazy days and I don’t recall much beyond watching Shrek Forever After. But Sunday I got up early (for me) and made cinnamon rolls. Though by the time they were done it was technically lunch time. I don’t think I realized how much effort went into it. Anyway they were delicious, they reminded me of those kind you get from Pillsbury but better. I was a bit disappointed though that a few couldn’t wait for them to be done and only Mike and me had some and there was still a ton left over. I currently have them in the fridge but I wonder if maybe they should be thrown out now. Haven’t had time to have the leftovers plus I got some upside down apple pear tarts I made the other night that only I had cause I didn’t realize Mike’s parents were going out. Anyway back to Christmas. After Mike and I devoured our cinnamon rolls we opened our presents. I got a card from Mike’s parents with some money. I got a pashmina scarf from one of Mike’s godmothers, Lindor truffles from Mike’s friend Justin, some coconut ice cream body wash, shampoo, and bubble bath from Mike as well as Polar Express in 3D. I haven’t seen that in 3D since it was in theaters! I enjoyed watching it with Mike and he finally understood why some parts of the movie focused on something because it was meant to be a 3D movie from the beginning. Oh yeah I almost forgot, I got some steam games from Justin as well. I’m assuming they were apart of my Christmas present lol He got me some he thought I would like and some for Mike he thought he would like. He guessed pretty good cause I liked at least two of the games and had played them a little before.

That night we had different starters. Mike and I had mussels in a garlic sauce, his dad had game soup and Justin and Mike’s mom had some seafood trio thing. Then there was turkey topped with bacon. Odd but good and it had stuffing in the middle. Quite different from the turkey I’m used to. Also had mashed potatoes, veg, pigs in a blanket (little sausages wrapped in bacon, they’re called something else in the states but I can’t remember what) and a dessert that was covered in white chocolate and had like a thin layer of cake on the bottom and on top was this mousse which I can’t recall the flavor and a cherry filling in the middle. Quite good but the white chocolate was a bit too much. We opened a few crackers which all had little knickknacks in them. It was kind of funny to see cardboard dominoes and I got a bright green hair holder. I have no idea what happened to it though, They also had those paper hats in them that we all put on. From what I understand this is traditional for Christmas, it was fun. Later we played a game of Monopoly on the Wii which was pretty fun and then went up to Mike’s room to do a variety of things. Games and movies seem to be what we mostly did and we continued to munch on snacks. Mike and I nearly fell asleep while watching Tron (the first one) and Justin decided it was time to leave (it was well after midnight from I remember). And that was Christmas. The next day was kind of nice and relaxed too but me and Mike made some honey-glazed gammon (Okay he did) and I helped make the chutney that went with it. I had planned on making sides and a dessert but I didn’t feel up to it and it turned out we weren’t gonna be sitting down and eating anyway. So it worked out for the best. It’s so odd that now that we all done with Christmas and back into a kind of route that New Years Eve is around the corner and it starts all over again with the fun and easy-going extended weekend. I should get back to my paper though. Got a bit more to write and then it will be time to type it up and edit it and such so it’s ready to be turned in the New Year.


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