Cat Break!

Not much going on again. Been trying to do my last two papers. Went to Leeds Thursday to turn in my first one that was due and ended up with a sprained ankle. Kind of a pain considering I want to walk around and do stuff and I can’t without having some form of pain. Got an ankle bandage on Saturday though so it’s not as bad when I need to walk around. Might have to miss going in to Leeds this Thursday for a one-on-one with one of the professors for my paper. Don’t really mind since I’m meeting for a max of 15 minutes and spending close to 10 pounds getting there just for that. Doesn’t seem worth it even if I do homework in the library before and after. Anyhow! Wanted to share another cat picture. This morning after I got up and just before I started on my work I was walking in and out of the room. Left the door open as I went to brush my teeth and when I came back I thought I’d open the curtains to let a little light in and who do I find sitting there! Miss Mogs! She was surprisingly inside and decided to grace me with her presence and instead of leaving the room after looking out the window she laid in my lap (I swear it was an attempt to keep me from homework but I didn’t allow it to happen) and then moved to the bed and has been there for the last several hours. I guess it’s too cold out for her though it’s pretty cold in this room too. Usually if she comes in its late afternoon or evening and she sleeps on the bed until she has to be kicked out since we can’t leave the bedroom door open at night. It’s nice having a buddy during the day that I can take mini breaks with. Anyhow back to work.




Lap warmer



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