Finally done! Oh Wait Classes Again Tuesday…

I finally finished my last paper today, thank god! I’m turning it in tomorrow and will have a relaxing weekend before classes start again Tuesday. So while my boyfriend is out at his band practice I’m enjoying a night of Big Bang Theory (why did I never watch this before I came to England?) and How I Met Your Mother. Tuesday ended up being a day in Leeds that I didn’t expect. Monday night I got a call from a classmate about something we needed to turn in for a paper, some evidence of engagement. I explained it to him and said something about going in Friday to turn both the papers in and he said the one we were talking about was due tomorrow. I was about to go out the door so I thanked him for letting me know and then when I got back to the house I checked my computer to see. For some reason I had Friday in my head as the date for both the papers. I was soooo lucky I had finished the paper on Sunday and had gotten together everything that was needed Monday before his call. It was like my subconscious knew it was due tomorrow but I had got the wrong day in my head. So Tuesday I set out for Leeds, spent far too much money on public transportation when I could have gotten a pass for the day (which I’m doing tomorrow). On my way to the school I was riding on the bus when the driver came to one stop that he couldn’t get into completely cause some sort of police car was parked at the top of the stop where the bus would normally be. It was a bit of a tight spot because it was also right before a traffic light and he had to get out from behind the police car and into traffic again and it was not a double-decker bus but one that had an extended carriage bit part (I have no idea what to call it). Well while he was trying to move into traffic he apparently clipped the police car. He went through the light and went to the next stop that wasn’t apart of the route and got out. There was a mixture of people on the bus a lot of them students. Most of them got off to get to class and some waited a bit to see what would happened. It seemed none of them realized he hit the car though I was in the front and notice him looking back and looking at some people that witness it and sort of gave a signal that he did hit it. Now this whole thing took maybe 10-15 minutes. He was having some kind of problem, I don’t know if they weren’t in the car or if he couldn’t get a hold of his company. But in the end I ended up the only one on the bus when he got back because I paid 2 pounds and I was gonna get my two pounds worth! I really hate now much it’s costing me now to travel around. Though I think when I’m settled again in Leeds it won’t be as much. Since I’ll be traveling half the distance and only getting the train when I’m heading to Huddersfield. So I spent the day at school, I worked on my paper that’s due tomorrow and I got over half of it done, definitely working in the library more. Then I turned in my paper and headed to the bus stop I was gonna take back to the train station and did a little shopping and a late lunch/treat in Costa coffee. I really love their mochas. So come tomorrow evening my weekend will consist of reading, watching tv/movies, playing on my computer and possibly going into town. Bring on the relaxation! Shouldn’t have too much coursework to worry about the first week.


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