I’m still here!

It has been awhile since I posted anything. I can’t remember the last post to be honest. I think the one about my cat was maybe the last one lol Not sure. Anyway, semester two started last week. I have been so busy too. Before the second semester started I was trying to crank out two papers. One I was smart enough to do before the other because of the word count being larger and then finding out it was due sooner than the last. My weekend of relaxation before classes started again turned into me fighting a cold. I still got it but not nearly as bad as it was. I’m thinking I might get some nasal spray tomorrow so my nose can get re-moisturized and not be so irritated.  The elective class I choose early on in the last semester I realize is not for me so I’m in the middle of trying to change that. I would normally have tomorrow evening but tomorrow will be a free day so I’ll be doing laundry, homework and maybe cleaning but more than likely watching dvds or shows online.

I got a tv licence way back in September cause I knew I would want the basic cable but kept having complications. First it was getting the tv to me. I bought one off Mike that he bought off a friend…or maybe his friend bought off him in exchange for a different tv…anyway. Got the tv but I didn’t have a tv ariel for reception. So got a decent ariel and plug that in to find the tv didn’t have a built-in freeview box and was only getting the analog channels which had been turned off a month or so before I arrived so it was just lovely bits of nothingness. Mike’s parents happen to have a freeview box available but the problem was getting it to me. His dad’s old PS3 was given to me only for it to die the second day I used it so it was waiting to go back to his so they could sell it for parts. It was like 2 or 3 months before I got the freeview box. This whole time I’m paying for a tv licence and I can’t even view live tv online because the accommodation’s free internet player doesn’t seem to work right on my computer. So cut to last Sunday when I came back with all my stuff and the freeview box. Mike hooks it up and searches for channels…only to get nothing. The only thing we could think of is the reception is so bad in this place and I’m too low down in the building to get anything decent. So I was a bit miffed because of the money I spent on something I haven’t even been using. So I’ve cancelled it and I can get a refund, problem is my next monthly payment is due tomorrow and I didn’t cancel it in time to save myself money. I’ve been having money issues lately too because I’ve been waiting for over a week and a half for my money from the states to come to me so I can pay my rent that is already late by nearly a month (the staff here are ridiculously understanding and nice and the maintenance guy has fixed so much for me. I need to bake them cookies or something). Luckily I got a call today from the finance department at school, the money will be deposited in my account tomorrow so I can do what I need to this week and still cover some stuff that was getting tight on my wallet.

So it finally snowed here. Saturday it snowed sometime in the evening in Huddersfield and was gone by the next day when Mike and I finally dragged our butts out of bed. Leeds is a different matter though. They got more snow and I guess didn’t get the same amount of sun (I find it weird because they’re not far from each other, like a 20 minute train ride) plus the large buildings blocked the sun. Today I actually came back to Leeds because I was too tired to come back Monday since I was up half the night coughing my head off and nothing was stopping it until like after 5am and poor Mike had to work so he was in a worse position than me. Anyway I left this morning with Mike so I wouldn’t waste too much time getting back before classes in the evening. I was walking down a familiar path home and did see snow and bits of ice here and there but when it came to walking through the park that has a path cut throw it, it was covered in fresh ice and frozen snow. A lot of people decided to walk through the grass rather than the icy path and I did the same. I saw the sun was shining through part of the path and it looked like it wasn’t that bad. So near the sidewalk I decided to get on the path since it would have been easier than walking over a fence that came to my shins. Well I didn’t take two steps before all of a sudden my foot flies out from underneath me and I am flat on my butt with my feet sticking out. There were maybe 2 people across the street and no one else. I don’t know if they saw and I have mixed feelings about the lack of acknowledgment in my fall. I was glad I was saved by the embarrassment of falling in front of others, it tends to bring attention and I’m not a fan of it, negative or otherwise. But then no one asked me if I was okay either. Because I’m sure one of them saw me pick myself up off the ground and continue on the grass and take baby steps the rest of the way. I looked back at one point and saw a tiny Asian girl going up the path I came from and didn’t fall! She even walked on the path! I don’t even get what made me fall because I was being careful, I wonder if the weight of my oversized backpack helped in my fall. It probably did but still why did it have to be me? lol I feel like I’m whining and I am a little but doesn’t everyone feel that injustice when they fall and see others take a similar way and don’t? My butt didn’t hurt thankfully, in fact I think I was more shocked that I actually managed to fall because I generally catch myself before I lose my balance. I never though invisible ice would scare me more than knowing there was ice. Here’s to walking trepidly!

Lastly I want to talk about my family. I miss them and I find myself thinking about them a lot. And not just my parents and my brothers and their family. I miss my cousins, my aunts and uncles, and all my friends back home. I’ve made friends here and enjoy talking and hanging out with them. But I see my friends posting things on Facebook and doing stuff with their lives and I wish I was there to enjoy it too. I never watch the superbowl, in fact I find football kind of boring and just prefer the commercials they come out with. But I didn’t get to see snippets of it live or enjoy eating superbowl food like shrimp cocktails and nachos with cheese dip my mom makes or trying to make something for everyone, and hear my mom get into the game and explain something loudly. I think it’s the only time she ever watches football too. My parents will be moving to another place 3 hours away from my hometown. My dad is retiring and wants to do something he likes, it might be sometime this summer when they do it, it’s when my dad is first eligible for his benefits. It’s so odd to think it’s happening so soon because they talked about it before I left for England but thought my dad needed to work longer and turns out he’s been at his job longer than he realized. I’m happy for my dad to be getting the break he’s been working for, for a long time and for my mom to get away from our idiotic neighbor and not worry about what they’re gonna do with the house since it’s in need of repairs all over. But it’s the home I grew up in. And I have no idea if I’ll be able to visit before they move and see everything for the last time as my home. I want to eventually move back to St. Louis, it will be weird coming back and not being close to my mom again. It won’t be nearly as bad as it is right now but I don’t know what my situation will like then either. I might not be able to visit them a lot because of lack of time and/or money. Ideally I would like to go once a month but I guess I would have to budget for it. Anyway I’m starting to gab on and on. I should go and make my dinner and watch some tv to relax for the night. Hope all is well out there!


Update: Okay I’ve edited this like three times and it just occurred to me that I completely forgot to say how much I miss Kaldi’s coffee!!!! I got a marshmallow creme and root beer fix (not together) recently but I have been craving that coffee like crazy.


2 thoughts on “I’m still here!

  1. Haha I’ve fallen down more times than I can count on icy paths! Once I ended up butt first in the mud. But you gotta stand up, act like nothing unusual just happened and move on.

    And I totally get what you mean with your parents moving away. We did the same thing a few years back. Not easy but I guess that’s life.

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. Thanks Jian. I am, though I think this is cold is lasting longer than it should and have a doctor’s appointment set up. I don’t feel sick but I’m a bit worried about the stuff I keep coughing up. It’s icky and I wont’ get into details but it’s enough of an issue for me to see the doctor.

    Oh and I did do that with my fall (the whole act like nothing unusual happened) but my mind kept thinking about it more and more. I get embarrassed pretty easily I guess.

    I think also my parents moving away is that I’m grown up and getting older. I don’t like reminders of change and as I have been reminded this weekend, I don’t take to change too well. At least change I can’t control.

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