I’ve been busy!

I thought I’d write a post real quick and hopefully not make it too long (fat chance of that). The last few weeks I have been rather busy. I’ve got reviews and proposals and presentations due all this week and next. Right now I should be working on it since my break has gone on far longer than it should have but getting in some exercise plus lunch was necessary, Facebook was not though lol.

So, what’s new? I’ve started exercising more and watching what I eat. I’ve joined myfitnesspal along with my boyfriend because we both want to get into better shape and seeing one of his friends over the weekend who has lost a ton of weight uses the website. It’s kind of cool. You can track what you eat and how many calories consume and burn from exercising. It’s kind of like group support. I’ve only added Mike on there but I may have other eventually. I’m doing more working out than what I have planned so far. I don’t actually know what I weigh at the moment since the last time I stepped on a scale was around Christmas. But this weekend I will weigh myself and we’ll see if I’m more or less than last time. Hopefully less since I became more active after the Christmas break. I’m also making sure to put a break on my sweet tooth. Not wanting people to see how many sweets I have is kind of making me stop. Last night was pretty hard. I did have a few cookies but they were small and I think only added up to like 170 calories and since I did a lot of walking yesterday I earned more calories to consume but I didn’t want to go over what was projected for me.

So next week I have a presentation for my dissertation work in progress. I need to finish the poster I’m working on and practice my presentation. I also need to make up a few notes of things I need to say. Though I won’t be able to use them but I know if I don’t write them down beforehand to practice I won’t remember. But this week I have a review right after a class tomorrow which thankfully is the last thing I need to do on campus before meeting with a friend. Can’t decide if I’ll stay on campus and work or go home and finish work. Friday I have my last one-on-one with a distant learning class and then I’ll need to turn in a proposal for my audit I’ll be doing. Thankfully it won’t be graded but I do need to give something. Think I’ll work on that tomorrow at some point. This weekend will need to be my practice as well as preparing something for my meeting with a professor for another paper. Then I basically got until May to get this stuff done. I’m likely going to be spending most of my  Easter break working on papers so I can get them mostly out of the way. So hopefully things will go as planned and I won’t have too much trouble doing it and motivating myself.

I’ve also been looking around for jobs. I’m looking at jobs in the long run for here and back home but also for part-time work for the time being. I’m looking weekly on certain sites and my biggest problem is find jobs I can/want to do that are within the hours I’m allowed to do. One thing I am curious about is if I can work more than 20 hours over the summer since I won’t be in any official classes but will be working on my dissertation. That help me a bit if I can. No idea who I can ask though. Maybe the international department at school.

This past weekend, Mike and I went to Coventry where he went to university to meet up with some old school friends and celebrate the birthday of one of them. It was quite fun. It went by far too fast and I kind of felt like I didn’t get to rest much. I was hoping for Saturday to be relaxing before we went out to this really cool Chinese restaurant. But we ended up shopping for a bit instead. At the restaurant that night we decided to do thing where you can order what ever you want for how much you want as long as you eat it all. It’s not a buffet because they prepare it once you order it and then bring it out to you. You have to have at least two people doing it so it was great for us with the large party. I was actually full just on the starters and two of the specials we ordered to come with the starters. I ended up only eating some noodles for the main which enough time had passed that I could manage a bit. Though I didn’t think about the fact there would be a cake. It was quite cool. They dimmed the lights and started playing this weird version of Happy Birthday. It basically got faster and faster each time it was sang. And the cake was bought by someone but they provided the candles and of course they were trick candles so it seemed like each time the candles were blown out, the song would get faster. It was pretty funny. Afterwards we went out for a few drinks but I was so tired and the bar was closing so Mike and I decided to go back since we had to check out by a certain time the next day. Besides going out and seeing his friends, I got to see the remains of Coventry’s Cathedral that was bombed during the blitz of WWII. It was really shocking to see and I really felt moved by what I saw. You don’t think about all the things that were lost and the people who were killed because of what happen. In America we never got hit by it beyond Pearl Harbor. As my boyfriend put it though, people were living everyday wondering if that was going to be their last because of the bombs. And to see the cathedral hit and a building right next door that was untouched and then all over Coventry you see these buildings that are either old or from the 1950s. It’s amazing to see all this decades later.

Anyway I think I better get back to work. Here’s a photo of the cathedral before I go.



2 thoughts on “I’ve been busy!

  1. That is AWESOME Lisa! I don’t know if you remember me, but I am Allison Myrick’s ‘Aunt Sue’. Just happened to see your comment on one of her FB posts, saw on your FB page that you were in Leeds, then saw your blog. I am also a member of ‘myfitnesspal’. I love that site. I am ‘mojorisen1’ if you want to look me up on there.

    Anyway, just thought I’d say I think what you’re doing is really interesting and adventurous. Not too many people can say they’ve lived in another countries. 🙂

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