English diseases love an American body!

So I’m on cold number three since I’ve been here. I’m actually quite over it which is great considering the last one lasted far longer than it should have. But now I got some kind of stomach bug. Great for the weight loss because I don’t want to eat anything and if I do it isn’t much! I’ve never gotten colds so much before. I actually went a few years without getting a cold. And now average about one a year and it’s usually in the Spring (rather than winter). I probably should have gotten some kind of flu shot in retrospect but I’m not too keen on them. I’d rather allow my body to become immune to what ever has taken over. I’m hoping I don’t get anymore after this cause I’m sure tired of buying cold meds.

Beyond my body issues though a lot has gone on in the last week. I’ve had reviews and a presentation for the midterm time of the year. I only got graded in one though. I’m trying to find a library to audit still and got a semi response from one. If I don’t hear anything by the middle of next week I need to contact them again. My presentation went better than I expected. I actually got a very good grade, I think the best I can get. I might need to revise my objectives though for my dissertation. I’ve been told they’re quite ambitious. Which I can agree with. But I’m happy with the way it went. I figure this weekend I can relax a bit and then next week I can start doing more for my papers and then the start of my break can be the writing/reading part.

In other news, I found a friend from home is pregnant. She isn’t just any friend either. Back when I was 13 and awkward in middle school. I used to looooooooove the Backstreet Boys. I had their posters covering most of my room and I would pretty much wear a BSB shirt everyday. I used to get made fun of so much that in the next year I rarely wore them but one day I was walking to my locker. Unfortunately there was a bunch of classes finishing and they were all going the opposite direction of me so I was along the side of lockers mine was in trying to get by. I of course was wearing a BSB shirt. I was nearly at my locker when I nearly ran into this girl who was a bit taller than me. So the first thing I see is her shirt. It’s a Backstreet Boys shirt! She notices the same thing too and we both point at each others shirts and are like cool! I declare I have that shirt as well (though I barely got to wear it cause the hem was coming out after wearing it twice and my mom hadn’t gotten around to fixing it yet). We both were pretty happy about that but I think we both had to be on our ways. But that made my day. It wasn’t really until a few months later I saw her again (we were on teams in middle school so you didn’t see everyone all the time) and we hung out with a mutual friend. We ended up becoming best friends and nearly inseparable. I had a lot of friends I found to be my best friends while growing up but they never lasted as long as my friendship with Allison. We either grew apart, ended up hanging out with others or just realized we didn’t like each other that much. Right now I wouldn’t really say Allison and me are as close as we used to be, we got into a fight sometime after high school over something dumb and didn’t speak for almost 2 years. I eventually decided to get back into contact with her because I wondered what she was up to and I did miss her a bit. In that two years I think we grew in different ways. We had a lot in common still and had our history of friendship but it didn’t feel like it used to. We didn’t talk everyday like we used to, we would go weeks or even months without talking because we were caught up in our lives. But I will say this, she still a friend and possibly one of the longest friendships I’ve had. So to discover last week that she was pregnant was just shocking. I had mixed feelings because I was happy for her but I’m also worried for her because as much as I think she’ll be a good mom, it will be hard and I don’t know how involved the father will be. I’m also bothered that I can’t actually be there for her either. I’m really hoping I might get to come home to see her before she’s had the baby or close to after. I’m definitely planning on buying gifts for the little guy or gal.

And I hope no matter what she’ll always be happy. She deserves it and that kid will have a great mom. Anyway that’s all that’s really been on my mind. I’m going to a concert tomorrow and I’m hoping my stomach will be back to normal so I can drink. Oh yeah I’ve lost like 5 pounds since I’ve started this myfitnesspal. Though it won’t say on there cause I didn’t weigh myself until after I started the site. Anyway, back to my relaxing!


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