Again I forget a title…

Hello all!

It’s been a while since I posted anything. Been a bit busy and haven’t had much to say. Though I think I got enough going on now to update everyone.

This week is my last week of attending classes. From here on out I’ll be working on my papers due in May and starting to do more serious work with my dissertation. I already got one paper done with and it’s not due for at least another week. Yay!!!! I got my dissertation proposal due in June which thankfully is not as large a word count as I thought. So I’m nearly done. I’m just wondering what the heck I’m gonna do with my time that doesn’t involve the research and writing of my dissertation due in September. I’ve been job hunting but haven’t gotten around to looking at my resume to tweak it up a bit since I think it’s a different thing over here. I’ll have to have my boyfriend take a look and tell me what I need to do since this was something he did for a job once.

I have been over here for 7 months now. I miss home so much. I was walking into to town today to get the train back to Leeds and someone was mowing grass and the smell of the freshly cut grass and the mixture of the gasoline was making me a bit homesick. It was kind of surprising but I realized that is like the first time I’ve had the smell since being over here. I have no idea what I’m gonna do once September comes. I’ll be with Mike by then because my time in my accommodation will be up. I will hopefully have some kind of job by then. But I don’t know if I’ll be going home in November or December as a visit or for good. Mike is going to come with me at least for a visit but he won’t be able to move with me right away. He can’t afford it plus he needs to find a job over in the states before he can try for a visa cause that will help him get one. I need to find a job in one place or the other. And possibly even my own place if I move back to St. Louis seeing as I don’t know if my parents will still be in St. Louis and I rather get started on my own rather than move back in, though I might need to live with them at first. It’s slowly coming up and I’m not feeling this dread anymore though I keep forgetting I can’t just take Mike with me. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing home again whether it’s for a visit or permanently.

So on to less serious stuff lol This weekend I will be attending my first English wedding. One of Mike’s friends is getting married and me, Mike and his parents are going to be going. I actually had to go shopping this past weekend to get some accessories to go with the dress I’m wearing. The shrug I was originally going to wear is the completely wrong color for my dress since the shrug is white and the dress is cream. So I got something that is a bit of a lilac color which I think will match the dress well. I also bought some earrings a few weeks ago online that match the dress pretty much to a T and then I got some cute hair accessories for cheap from Claire’s since I didn’t just want my hair to be in a semi pony tail or just down. If I had the money I’d have my hairdresser do my nails and makeup but I don’t think I’ll have the time plus I can just do it myself. So enough of my silly girliness. God I hate to see how much I get into the details of my own wedding.

So I am now an instagramer and a member of pinterest. Facebook’s buyout of instagram was actually a good thing because now it’s not just Apple exclusive and I can have the program on my android. I’ve done a few photos already. I got a bit silly with it on Saturday. When I was in town with Mike and his parents we went to this cafe for lunch that had an Alice in Wonderland theme to it. I would have taken more pictures there if there hadn’t been so many people. The food was good and I got to enjoy a Victorian lemonade. Apparently they have a .05 percentage of alcohol in it lol It’s by the company who I think also do the only decent tasting root beer, though the cafe wasn’t carrying it. I think the next time I go to Wetherspoons I’m gonna have to get some of their overpriced root beer. Pinterest I think is gonna be my downfall. Yesterday I got on there for the first time and I think I spent hours just looking at stuff. There was so many food recipes I added to my “to make” list. I only have one board at this point but I think I’m gonna have to make other ones to separate it all out. But looking at that food yesterday which a great deal of it was chocolate, gave me a craving and I saw something to do with reeses and I thought I must have some! Though I haven’t been able to recall seeing any since I’ve been here, I know I talked to my boyfriend about it at some point but I can’t remember what he said. So today when I was getting some food for the week I tried to look in my local grocer’s candy section. I didn’t see any 😦 They are a small place so it might be that they don’t carry it there but I did find a Chunky kit kat with peanut butter. It was the winner of the chunky contest they had for orange, white chocolate, double chocolate or peanut butter. So I grabbed two and hoped it would help the craving. I haven’t had any yet. I think I’ll wait and save it as my movie treat tonight.

So beyond my need for sweet stuff I think my diet is going pretty good. Mike and I had a bad weekend a few week or so back because we were offered takeaways a lot and then we went out to meet up with the second stag party for a few drinks, I guess I was made an honorary guy for the night since I was allowed to hang out (probably because it was the only way they were gonna get my boyfriend to meet for a few drinks), it was fun but not good for the diet. Mike and I are back on track and I’m only a pound off what I was before the naughty food weekend. I thought it might be a good idea to see how long I can go without an alcoholic drink since its empty calories. That or only allow it once a week. I don’t drink much anyway but I’d like to see because sometimes I get those days where I just need to relax and having a rum and coke or a glass of wine helps. And I’ve learned that my commute between here and to my boyfriend’s (especially on Friday evenings) really stresses me out and makes kind of go grr at everything because I can’t handle the crowds. It sets my anxiety into overload and even when my boyfriend tries to tippy toe around me so not to set me off, I still managed to get set off. I hate being like that cause I’m taking my hyped up anxiety of the crowds out on him but I really have no way to control it or at least don’t know of a way how, at least yet.

Anyway, I think that about covers it all. I talked about school, my plans, my new obsessions and current events. Seemed like maybe there was something else. Oh well I’m sure I’ll remember it later and I’ll make an edit or this post :p Might share my instagrams just to have fun. 🙂


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