I got my fix

of Reese’s and root beer.

I was so happy to see Sainsbury with this I bought the three different Reese's products they carry.


This is the only thing close enough to the root beer I drink from home. It's served at Wetherspoons.


A better look at the root beer.


I still got the Reese’s pieces which I’m saving for a chocolate craving this week. The root beer was okay. It’s better than some really cheap stuff I had when I visited here in 2010 that had artificial  sarsaparilla flavoring and was so gross I couldn’t take more than a few sips. But this stuff is drinkable and gets nicer the more you drink it. Still miss my American root beer though, it’s a shame my boyfriend can’t stand the taste of it either, oh well. Went to a nice wedding yesterday. Will talk about it and share some photos later. Right now I’m still recovering from all the drinking and general blah feeling.


4 thoughts on “I got my fix

    • I love A&W! We have one made locally in St. Louis called Fitz, got a restaurant too with some good food. I got some of their root beer and cream soda over the summer before I came to England because I saw all the different kinds of floats they had in the restaurant and tried a few different variations. I haven’t had a float since I was a kid. Nice memories and good floats.

      • Ah Fitz’s! I have fallen in love with their endless root beer and bottler burgers. It’s become our go-to place for work lunch!

      • Yeah their food is pretty good. I love their root beer BBQ sauce. I thought it sounded weird but it is amazingly delicious.

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