If Cats Could Talk…

So we found out today what happened to poor Mogs. My boyfriend’s parents came back today and she spoke to one of the neighbors after visiting with a woman across the road that has health problems. She was apparently stuck in the basement of a neighbor two doors down. The husband thought he kept hearing a cat meow and his wife kept saying “Don’t be silly”. By the third day he realized something was up and opened the door to find a frighten cat run out and climb into their chimney! He couldn’t get her out so he left his back door open and left her be and that’s how she came to show up that early morning my boyfriend found her. It would also explain why she was so dirty.

That poor, poor kitty. It would explain her behavior since she’s come back. Don’t think she’ll be doing that again.

Now I shall share the photos I’ve taken of her since she came back.


Not even back a whole day and she wants out again!


Mogs and Minnie looking outside together


Mogs still deciding about it…


She eventually joined her.


Chilling out in the closest. And wondering why I’m trying to get her out.


Enjoying a nice snooze on the bed.


What I really wished I would have gotten was a video or picture of Mogs leapfrogging Minnie yesterday outside. Mogs when she wants to come in will sit at the window, but sometimes she doesn’t realize the door is open and I have to stick my head out and tell her. Yesterday I was doing this when Minnie decides to go out as well. Mogs see this and sees that Minnie has her back to her. So she jumps down and creeps up behind Minnie before just doing a leap-frog over her and surprising the heck out of Minnie. It was quite funny. She’s definitely back to normal.


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