Mission Accomplished!

I am done with my coursework!

Beginning tomorrow the only thing I will need to work on is my Dissertation. My proposal is due tomorrow which will be turned in then. I have a presentation going on tomorrow too. I’ve already got one grade back. Which has been good. Unfortunately I’ve been battling another cold which makes it number 4.

I’ve got a project plan going. I had meant to email the organizations I want to interview this week to ask if they were still interested from when I initially contacted them but my cold got the better of me and I was trying to finish everything for my proposal and last paper. And next week I won’t be able to cause I won’t be near my laptop for one reason. I’m leaving it behind.

That would be because my boyfriend and I are going to Blackpool next week! It’s the Last Vegas of England from what I hear. They got a Blackpool Tower Eye, an indoor water park (which is great since the nice weather finished this week), a wax museum, arcades, a Sea Life center, and amusement park. We got a deal for most of it and I can’t wait! Not only will I get to see the coast again but this was something Mike and I were trying to plan with a groupon I got ages ago. I tried to book the hotel back in April but for some reason the numbers weren’t working and I had to contact groupon about it. I originally just wanted my money back but they were only going to give me credit and then I found out that the hotel is going through management changes. So by the time I found all this out and decided to keep the groupon. We thought it was too late to make a reservations and I wasn’t sure if the number would work so we decided to use it in October for when they light the place up for a month.

It’s pretty great that Mike managed to find this last-minute deal. And next week is Jubilee week! So we’ll be relaxing together and celebrating the end of my classes before I seriously start on my dissertation. I’m also gonna start job hunting because I can’t really  putting it off. So I won’t have my laptop with me but I will have both my cameras and be taking lots and lots of photos. I’m definitely posting them on here when I get back.



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