I’ll Always Remember Blackpool…

I shall always remember Blackpool. It wasn’t glamorous and the piers are nice and historic and it was cool seeing the tide come in but comparing it to that I think I prefer Scarborough for the coast part. The reason I will remember Blackpool though has to do with one special person and an important question he asked. Or rather wrote in the sand.

On Tuesday evening Mike and I went to the beach so I could take a few photos of the sun setting and the piers lit up while the tide was nearly done coming in. While I was I was taking these photos he had asked me not to turn around for a few minutes. I had an idea of what he meant but it built up excitement still. When I turned around he had written in the sand, “Marry me?” and was on one knee holding up the ring. I was very happy to say yes though I think at the time I just squeaked and hugged him because a few minutes later I said, just in case you didn’t realized I’m saying yes. So I’m engaged. It took me about a day to get used to wearing the ring. It’s definitely one I love. Don’t know if it’s what you would call a traditional engagement ring but I think it’s very me.



Mike and I don’t have a lot of plans at the moment. I’m still working on school stuff and he’s got bills to pay off before he can consider moving to the US. That said he could pay them from the states but our wedding wouldn’t be any time soon. It will likely not be until 2014 or 2015. I do know I want it in the fall, like late September or early October and I want the wedding to be outside but I want the reception inside. It won’t be a big wedding since a lot of Mike’s side might not be able to make it plus it would more expensive if it was bigger. I’d probably invite more people to the reception rather than the wedding. Anyway I got plenty of time to plan and probably shouldn’t make any major plans until I’m settled again back home. Just wanted to give a quick update and once I’m recovered a bit more I’ll post photos.

Mike and I at Pleasure Beach amusement park.

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