Decisions, Decisions…

So I’ve been engaged just over 2 weeks. My wedding planning has kind of been non existent. For good reason too. I’m completely delved into my dissertation. I’m supposed to be working on my lit review but have also been working on my interviews with writing them up and scheduling them. I think it’s going pretty well. I’ve been working during the day by reading articles and taking notes. Hoping by next week I can start the writing process. Hopefully I’ll have a decent draft done by the time I meet with my supervisor again.

But I realized over the weekend that with me working on this and trying to get a job (because my funds are super low) that I can’t even consider planning for my wedding. It’s not such a bad thing though. It’s one less thing to worry about and we’re not really sure what we’re going to do anyway.

The plans we have so far is that in December I’ll go home and he’ll come with for a visit. Then for the next year I’ll be in the states again and he’ll be here in the UK and we’ll be working on saving up money for the wedding and paying bills. We’re planning for Fall 2013 from the looks of it and we’re gonna make it small and simple because we both want to get out debt sooner so we can have a nice live together raising a family. But we’re going to get married in the states where I’m from because it would be easier for us to have him just come over for the wedding. And then I could come over there because we’ll be married. And we’ll live in the UK for a few years so he can save up enough money  for us to move back and spend some quality time with his family.

It’s a pretty good plan and hopefully it will work. Don’t know what I’ll do about my stuff with my parents. Most likely just have them pack it up and I’ll deal with it when I’m back. Hopefully I can get my mom over to the UK for a visit. I’d really hate to leave my cat though. I’ve already left her with my mom to take care of and I miss that whiny little stinker. I know I’ve put a lot of stress on her and she is getting older. So bringing her to the UK after a year might not be a good idea plus if we’re living with his parents (to save money) three cats would be a bit much and they probably wouldn’t get along. But who knows. I’ll cross the bridge when I come to it.

Anyway for now it’s all about work work work and then come the end of September I can do the fun stuff. I can’t wait to get together with my friends back in the states and plan the wedding. Means I can bake stuff and try stuff out for ideas and plan. It’s a shame I’ll have to plan the wedding with my fiance long distance. But in the long run it will work out.

Anyway wish us luck on our plans and me luck with my dissertation writing! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions…

  1. Hey I’m just catching up and saw this post. Congratulations!! How exciting! Good luck with the dissertation. You know what they say about how long writing one takes: “longer than you think!”. Keep at it. One day you’ll wake up and realise it’s done… it’s a great feeling 😉

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