So Stinking Mad!!!!

I need to rant for a little bit. I was in the middle of my work and decided to take a break and what happened has made me so angry I need to vent.

Let’s start with this morning when I got on Facebook to catch up with what happened after I went to bed. Since I’m 6 hours ahead of most of my friends and family I go to bed before them. And since today is a holiday I’m sure a lot of them were up late. As I was going through the different posts I noticed one from a friend who was also an old co-worker. He was putting a post out saying he was looking for a new home for his dog D. I read a few comments after that and thought, wait I thought that was Jenny’s dog (I’ve changed her name so I don’t bring too much attention to her in case anyone on FB reads this). So I sent her an email asking if she knew about the dog and if it was the same one I remember. Back when I was still hanging out with her, well before I came to England, she and the other guy, let’s call him Chad, had just broken up after being together for close to a decade. They were too poor to move out and also had a mutual friend living with them. Anyway there was two dogs, one was hers and the other was the mutual friend’s. I don’t quite know the circumstances to their break up besides what she had told me, but after I lost contact with her because we both became rather busy, things got worse. I’m guessing she couldn’t afford to keep the dog so she let him have D. Then she met someone else who she is still with and now has a kid with. He met someone else as well and much to my surprise, got married and had a kid as well (Chad always told me he never wanted to get married or have kids, I think he was really badly burned from an ex of his before Jenny’s). So as surprised as I was by this I was also happy for him. He seemed to be doing what he wanted in life and bettering himself. Jenny was as well in finding a happy relationship and realizing she could have another kid. He had some problems way back that made her think she couldn’t have anymore. She already has some kids from when she was younger.

I knew things were kind of shaky with them at the end. Whenever I would see Chad when I was visiting Jenny, he was always nice to me and acted civil. But Jenny told me, he only ever did that when others were around. I can’t really remember what she said he was like but it kind of surprised me. And since I don’t know both sides of the story and it was none of my business, I stayed out and remained friendly with them both. However today when I saw the post I thought Jenny should know. They don’t speak anymore and according to Jenny he has her blocked on FB. Recently they had a mutual friend that passed away and Jenny was quite upset over it because she has lost contact with him and many others because of what happened with Chad in the end. She had been planning on contacting the friend who had passed away only to find out he had died. I talked to her about it since I saw similar posts by both of them. So figuring Jenny didn’t know and deserved to because I never saw a dog so happy as he was when Jenny was babying him and talking to him (he quite a big dog too and yet is just such a softie). I found out from Jenny that she does want him and suggested she try to contact him but because of the block she can’t. So I told her I would make the suggestion for her. I also asked her what had happened between them because blocking her since pretty serious. Before I got an answer I left the comment on his page about contacting Jenny about the dog because I was pretty sure she would love him back.

And then I got a response from her. She doesn’t even know what happened between them. All she knows is that he blamed her (I’m not sure what, maybe the end of their relationship even though he dumped her and she was completely blindsided by it) and thinks she’s the devil. It was really hard to hear that and not be able to give her any kind of physical comfort. I remember when I found out they had broken up, I went over to hers immediately with food and crap and we just talked for hours in her living room.

The funny thing is when I was friends with Chad first before I was ever friends with Jenny. In fact I used to have a crush on Chad (Why I don’t know anymore cause he’s not as nice as he appears) and was jealous cause he had started seriously dating her. But then I met her and thought she was really cool and she was someone I could hang out with and talk to. To me she became more my friend than he ever was. But I still thought he was a nice decent guy and he was also a co-worker I got along with.

So the next thing that happened kind of surprised me and greatly angered me. I checked to see if he had responded at all and found that I couldn’t see. Because I was no longer friends with him. In a span of 2 hours of asking him a question to checking again on Facebook, he had deleted me. No response, no reason, just deleted me.

In a way I’m kind of hurt, I didn’t realize me even mentioning her name could cause such a reaction. I know I hadn’t seen him in ages and only talked to him sometimes on Facebook but I didn’t realize I was so expendable.

And then at the same time, I’m thinking, WHAT A FUCKING DICK!!!!

I decided to email him and ask him nicely what it was I did wrong but to be perfectly honest. I know I didn’t do anything wrong. I just made the mistake of thinking him a decent person. His true colors have been shown and his “nice guy” thing has been found wanting. It’s a shame I had to find out the hard way that he was never my friend, or at least stopped being my friend a very long time ago. Poor D. I hope he gets a better home than that dipshit.

Yeah I’m still mad, he completely threw me off my concentration for my literature review. Dick. (Okay I’m done with the name calling, just had to add that one in for good measure) *insert angry steaming smily face*

Happy Independence Day! :p


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