Update On The Dog

So a few days ago I wrote a rant about how angry I was at a “friend” for his behavior towards his ex and towards me because he wanted to get rid of her dog but not give it back to her.

After having a long discussion with “Jenny” and thinking of all the different options to try to contact him since I was an expendable friend, she realized she was going to have to call the police which she really didn’t want to do. Despite how Chad was treating her, she still wished him the best and wanted to do things the nice way. After speaking to the police who told that they could get the dog but she would have to press charges (which she didn’t want to do), she decided to email him in hopes that he would read it. He did and though claim he wouldn’t respond to her threat of legal action (responding to the email is responding dummy) he (a man in his 30s, married with a kid) and his parents (more likely the reasonable ones) decided they were going to (graciously *eye roll*) give her the dog. As long as she met a few of his conditions. Conditions that for the most part a given, though only one I saw as something she couldn’t completely control. He didn’t want her to contact him or anyone else associated with her. Me and her both knew I was included in this especially since he has ignored my first email after he deleted me asking what it was I did wrong.

I have considered telling him what a child he is and if were the better man, he wouldn’t be acting the way he is, but I decided against it because I am better than that. And I also know I would get no satisfaction from sending him the email since he would most likely not respond. I’m just content to know that Mr. Domino is home with his real family, a family that loves him and has time for him. Jenny has done a lot of thinking as well. And something she put out to the world of Facebook really touched me. I’ll repost what it was she said.


“I have learned a lot in the past weeks. I realized the idea of someone disliking or hating me is my kryptonite. It makes me panicy and sick to my stomach and I have to know why and what I can do to fix it and that I will go to no length to fix it even at a major cost to myself (probably not a good thing). I learned that for some, a decade of friendship is worth less than 1000 bucks. I have also learned that to some people they have friends that are easily expendable. I’ve learned that even though someone seems cool and like a friend they would throw you under a bus just to get ahead. And that some friends feel you are just not good enough for those important moments in their life. But on the other hand I’ve also learned that if I occasionally grow a pair I’ll get what I want/deserve. And best of all I learned that despite how some people view friendship, there are still the few out there that are such true and honest friends that they will take a punch to the gut and a kick to the face for you and still come up smiling.”


I would gladly take more than that for her. She’s been one of the kindest people I’ve ever met and has a true heart. She doesn’t take sides or judge people for something they can’t help. And I’m thankful for her friendship. It is nice to know when others get you down, there is someone like her who will be there to make you feel better and be the voice of reason.


Domino with one of the kids. A happy family!


But at least in this case there is a happy ending to the story. Yay for Domino!


4 thoughts on “Update On The Dog

    • Don’t worry she has. Besides emailing she never had contact with him. He dropped the dog off at a kennel place and she picked him up a few hours later.

  1. Why are things so complicated? I hate when people use live objects as leverage – kids, animals. See, my Italian would have gone up 50 feet and I would gone bananas if someone took my dog. He’s lucky. One day he’ll act in a similar manner with someone who won’t tolerate such cruel and absurd nonsense and he’ll be so sorry.

    Tell your friend to cut her losses and move on. She has the dog.

    • Don’t worry Susannah she has. I was more sad of the loss of friendship but I realized “Jenny” is a far better friend. I think Chad just wanted to stay friends with me cause he could always remind me when I once had a crush on him and he “changed” me (though in reality it was never him, it was a number of factors and me realizing a lot of things while I had a crush on him) and it was pretty dumb cause it was so long ago but I guess when you have nothing else going on for you. lol I find his behavior in this situation hilarious because he tried to act like he was the better person when he never was and it was obvious he didn’t want the authorities to get involved. I’m just happy my friend is happy again and she has her dog. Thanks for your input, I always appreciate it.

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