Life babblings…

This weekend has been a lazy weekend for me and my fiancé. This past week I was at my place in Leeds packing things up. My lease is up at the end of August and I don’t see myself going there much in the future before I move out. So I thought I’d pack things up to make it easier when I do move out. I’m not the only one. There were lots of students moving out this week and last. I’m pretty sure my neighbor next door already moved out because I wasn’t hearing drums, music or anime playing. I got far better sleep in the last week and a half then I have all year round there. Sadly though my funds are so low I’m worried about my bills. I don’t want to ask for help with them but if I don’t get some kind of work soon, I might have to.

So far I’ve applied for at least 7 or 8 jobs and signed up for the job shop at school (which I’m kicking myself for not signing up sooner). Hopefully something will come up soon. I don’t like having time taken away from my dissertation but it will help me manage time better. I have spent the better part of a week trying to transcribe one interview and I’m still not done. It pretty annoying how long its taken me and how exact I have to be on it. I don’t even know if I’ll be showing the transcript(s) to my supervisor. But I’d rather be safe than sorry.

So with packing up this week and thinking about how I’ve been missing home but also about how I’m going to miss being here. I’ve gotten so used to things around here with my way of transportation being either the bus, train or walking. How if I don’t walk enough my body throws a bit after a day of long walking. The little things I enjoying going out and buying or doing. The kitties, Mogs and Minnie. Being in Mike’s room either working, watching tv or just enjoying a lazy day in bed. I have such a lazy route here. At home I get up early because the day sun shines too much for me to sleep in much. But I’ll be happy to see my friends and family again, go down to Lake of the Ozarks when I can, see my cat Indy and Ruby the dog who is so annoying but at this point I don’t care what the slobber monster does, as long as I get to see her prance around outside. I’ll get to drive again and buy the foods I love and miss again. But it also means a change in my life.

I’ve never had a full-time job, I think the most I’ve worked is 30-35 hours a week and that was while being a full-time student too. I only had one night a week I could dedicate to hanging out with my friends (despite them bugging during the week many times and sometimes managing me to neglect my school work). This time I’ll have a 9-5 job Monday though Friday (hopefully) and have more time during the day. I’ll probably spend a lot of free time talking to my fiancé online like before I came to the UK. But I’ll have money to do stuff with friends and still be able to pay bills. I’ll probably see if I can still live with my parents depending on their plans for moving, otherwise I might just try to live with a friend temporary, at least until I marry Mike and am able to come back to the UK. I’m definitely going to make the most of my time back home since I’ll have a limited time until I move to the UK again for a few years. Then I’ll be back in the same place with Mike, working a different full-time job until we get bills lowered and savings up. Then we can think about coming to St. Louis again.

I’m excited and worried all at once. My life is changing which is no surprised, if you’re like me you always think about this kind of stuff but never expect it to happen. I know when I get pregnant for the first time it will likely just be as surreal. This is stuff I’ve dreamed about since I was little girl and it’s actually happening. I’ve known Mike for over 6 years. We talked about this briefly yesterday. With the entire time we’ve known each other, there’s always been something there. We made a lot of excuses at first for not being together, distance being the biggest one. Now we’re planning a life together. This is again a thing I always wanted but never expected to happen. I’m probably sounding pretty sappy and a bottle of wine can help with that :p (the local off license bought a bottle of the type of wine I like despite never hearing of it, it was to see if anyone would buy it. I did and it feels like home again in a way).

Anyway, I think I’m getting off topic here. Though I don’t know why I started this post other than to realize it’s been a week since my last post and I try to do this weekly.

So to recap. School is going well even if transcribing is annoying.

Job hunting is happening and hopefully going well.

Adulthood is catching up with me.

Coming home is catching up with me too and realizing I can’t win either way, I’m always going to miss something, whether it’s England and the people I met, Mike, my family and friends or St. Louis in general.

I’m glad of the experience I’ve gained. I wouldn’t change it for the world, even if I’ve found it hard at times. I always got something to tell the grandkids eh?

Anyway, until my next babbling…


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