Happy Birthday to Me!

So today is my birthday. I’ve now reached that point where I am in my late 20s. I don’t think I ever thought about myself being this age. I remember ages ago when I had nothing better to do than try to do a life plan, I thought I’d be married and have kids at this point. I think that was when I wanted to have a lot of kids and needed to get started pretty early. Reality has since hit and Mike and I have talked of only having 2 or 3 kids which leaves me quite a bit of time. I’d rather get a decent education and save up some money to enjoy life with Mike before kids. I also know I won’t want to work when I have kids but you never know I might need to so I’ll have the education to get me a decent job (hopefully). It’s been a rather lazy day so far. I tried to sleep in a bit but a certain Mogs wanted outside and was doing her sad puny meow. So I let her out and fed the other cat, Minnie. There was no sign of Grey but all that says is he was holed up somewhere else.

The funny thing is I wasn’t really thinking it was my birthday since it’s so different over here but the amount of emails from stores I use sending me birthday “gifts” of money or percentage off of a certain amount bought then I saw a few birthday wishes. After I got up, I got back into bed to read a bit and relish the lovely dream I had of Michael Fassbender and Gerard Butler the other night. Sadly I couldn’t really remember Gerard Butler that much just that I had a dream about him but Michael Fassbender was the last dream I had before I woke up. Anyhow I mostly been lazing about. I got a visit from Minnie today. She’s currently gracing me with her presence by sleeping next to me on my shirt (and in my spot but that’s no matter to her). I got a cute card from my in-laws to be with a bit of money. The card is of 5 different cats surrounding a couch. They know me so well! I cant wait to see what Mike got me. I did get a nice dinner Sunday night before we went to see The Dark Knight Rises on the IMAX screen. I know they keep talking about how great it is and the 3D like effect but I couldn’t help but think the IMAX screen at the St. Louis Science Center is far better since you’re looking up in tilted back sheets.

Anyway the rest of my day will consist of being continually lazy in my comfy clothes (no make up and dressing up for me!), watching films and playing the sims 3. Do wish a certain kitty would move so I could have my sheet back but oh well. Hopefully I’ll get a visit from Grey. I should probably go check to see if he’s wanting food. He’s been coming around every day for nearly 2 weeks multiple times a day. He’s a sweet cat. I’m thinking he’s a Russian Blue but I can’t be sure. He does tend to prefer being outside but he doesn’t mind me picking him up. Besides food he does seem to crave attention. It was raining the other day and I wasn’t going to make him eat outside so I picked him up and brought him in. The purr that started with him kneading my arm was instantaneous. Now any time I pet him when he eats that purr starts up again. So pretty sure he;s ours now. He’s also a great big pig when it comes to food. He ate all the food that was out yesterday, either he was really hungry, didn’t know if he was getting more, or as it was suggested maybe has worms since he’s sleeping rough most of the time. I hope he doesn’t but who knows. Anyhow I’m going to continue my lazy day of celebration.

Friday I’m baking a cake since I couldn’t be bothered today and if we still have the BBQ Saturday it will be there for that. Anyway I’ll  leave some photos of Grey.

Oh yeah we found a bat last week. Poor thing was injured but we found a bat society that’s taken him to see if he’ll heal and then they’ll bring him back here to release him. I’ve dubbed him Bruce. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Happy Birthday Lisa! Enjoy your day and hope the weather is good for the BBQ. Grey is beautiful – we do hope he moves in with you properly but that might have to wait until the cooler weather.

    • Thank you! I will. I did managed to get him to come upstairs temporary but all he did was look out the window before wanting to go outside again.

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