Grey is Back

So just a real quick update. Grey was back bright and early this morning. He came in ran upstairs and meowed at the door then went down and got fed. I was actually asleep when he came in but I was only half asleep and heard his meow. Which woke me up. So I got up to use the toilet to have my mother in law see me and say to come down when I’m done she’s got a surprise for me. I wondered if it was him and if I was still dreaming. So I went down and there he is sitting in the kitchen and meows when he sees me and then proceeds to purr away when I pet him. He’s been out most of the day, he came back for a bit of dinner and then left again. We think he might not be sure if he’s welcome. To be honest we aren’t sure either. My mother in law spoke to the woman across the road to let her know the old neighbor’s cat is back and if she wants to come for him or if she wants to let him stay just say so but if she’s going to take him. Keep him in the house for two weeks so he can get used to the place. I don’t need my heart broken again! So will keep everyone updated to let him know if Grey is only here for a visit and to let me know he still loves me or if he’s here for good.


2 thoughts on “Grey is Back

    • Yep that is very true. I had just gotten used to him not being around. We didn’t hear anything at all yesterday from the old neighbor. It would be nice if she could tell us right away and come for the cat or not.

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