Big Events Come in Threes

Have you ever heard that saying, all bad things come in threes. I kind of wonder the same thing for good things and just major events. I’m nearly done with school. In a matter of weeks I will be done. My dissertation is nearly done in the editing process as well.

I have a venue and date set for my wedding next year.

Yep that’s right it all got confirmed this week. I’m getting married at Hawken House on October 6th 2013. I already wrote a blog or two about the place and time. I already have many, many visions of what I want. A good deal of it will be done myself and done cheaply because I don’t have a job and when I do, I’ll be paying off student loans and Mike will be saving up to come over as well as help pay for it. The things I’m thinking about now is the food I want, buffet or seated dinner, who I should invite and what should be our limit on guests and all sorts of things like that. Then there’s another thing. We’re having a reception in Huddersfield after we get married. My fiancé and his mom want it to be like 4-6 weeks after we get married and all I can think about is, will I be able to afford coming over? And will whatever job I have at the time allow me to. I’m actually trying not to think too much about the second one because my mother-in-law wants to plan it and we don’t need to do too much at the moment so I’m putting that out of my head.

So school is nearly done, I will have an MSc and I’m getting married in about a year. The other third big event that has happened is…

My friend Allison who I’ve known since we were boy-crazy 13 year olds, just had her baby at 5:32am central time/11:32 England time. She had a boy who she has named Isaiah John. He’s healthy but he’s currently got a lung infection so they’re keeping an eye on him. So if you care to, send a prayer or thought out to her and her little man.

So yeah this has been a pretty eventful week. This month as well is pretty eventful with Mike having his band competition on the day my dissertation is due plus the dissertation and presentation. I’m hoping things will be a bit more quiet the next few months before I go home :p I want to relax (and find a temporary job) so I won’t have to worry about money spending when I go home. I think we’re going to look into buying my plane ticket home soon. Though we need to figure out a way we can get me a one way ticket and Mike a return ticket on the same plane and hopefully with seats next to each other.

So that’s basically it. I wanted to share my continuing good news. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Big Events Come in Threes

  1. I’m so proud of you sister! Look at you being so successful and I can not wait for your return to Saint Louis. I have missed being able to call you or go spend time with you. We have some much needed catching up and fun activities to do together as well as discussing wedding details!! woohoo 🙂

    • Me either. I can’t wait to get together with you and Chelsea so we can really work on the wedding and do the fun stuff like dress shopping. I can’t wait to see what you two end up picking out too. And we’re going to Cheesecake Factory and Fitz when I’m back. I’m jonesing for some oreo cheesecake and some fitz root beer bbq sauce on a bacon cheese burger.

  2. So happy for you that you set a date. That’s very exciting LIsa. And school is over and your paper is done. I just want to say how wonderful it is that you’re so young and happy. I urge you to bask in it for as long as it is humanly possible. Congrats,

  3. Gues what? The last time i was at Fitzs was with you so surprise its been just as long if not longer for the cheescake factory eek lol maybe dress shopping then eating in that order cause ill have a happy food belly after haha

    • lol Or the visit to Fitz’s could be a separate occasion. 🙂 The type of dresses I want to look at aren’t near the Loop. One place we’d have to go to St. Charles for but I know there’s plenty of good places to eat and visit. I’ve been wanting an excuse to see Historic St. Charles for a while. They got a cobblestone street and the original city hall with the original windows. Plus there’s a shop there I think we can look at for the decor at the venue. 🙂

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