I think I’m writing a post inspired by a freshly pressed one. It’s about Fall or Autumn for those picky ones who have no idea what Fall is.

Fall is my favorite time of year. I don’t know how it started to be honest. I think when I was a kid it was the time for Halloween. Stores became stocked with Halloween costumes and decorations, I got to think about what I wanted to be and the hot hot St. Louis summer was starting to go away. As I got older I think it became more about the weather and how the leaves changed and fell. I used to love crunching the leaves beneath my feet and especially when I got to a particularly crunchy leaf. It was also a popular time for craft fairs and the smells of apple and cinnamon was usually what dominated those places. I have always loved cinnamon too, I think I have an odd obsession with it. I think it started with Red Hots and Atomic Fireballs.

Then there’s the pumpkins. I loved carving our pumpkins. When I was in elementary school we had a contest around Halloween for the Funniest, Cutest, or Scariest pumpkin. I remember one year entering it and making a little pumpkin look like a baby doll without carving it. One of my teachers really liked it, I remember feeling disappointed when I didn’t win the cutest pumpkin but I think I did get an honorable mention though it is possible everyone got that. I always wondered if I should have carved it but it was so small it would have been a bit hard to do. When I got older my mom introduced me to pumpkin pie at the grocery store. It was a day when they were giving out free samples in order to try to get you to buy it. I remember her saying, you might not like it. And I did find it an odd taste at the first initial try. I guess I didn’t know what to expect. But I learned to love it. I don’t think it really took me long, if I didn’t like it by the end that following Thanksgiving and Christmas, I loved it next year. We’ve only ever made pumpkin pie from real pumpkins once, it was different for sure. I think I prefer the canned pumpkin puree but I know that’s something I’m going to be missing again this year, at least until Christmas. And oh those Pumpkin Spice flavored coffees! I might have to see if the Starbucks they have here carry it, I haven’t actually gone into one while I’ve been here, it’s been Costa Coffee since it has nice alternatives, plus I love the huge mug they bring the mocha in when I dine in.

But there’s so much to Fall I love. I love the changing weather, where it gets crisp and chilly in the morning but not too much to really frost up your windows and the sun is still up at normal time. Then there’s the time change, I think that’s the one I like when you get the extra hour in the morning even if it means sacrificing the extra light in the evening. I have to say I really don’t understand why they keep changing the time change lately. It used to be in sync with the UK one and now they’re a week off. But if you got out early enough when you need a light jacket and can see your breath a bit and then you have the rising sun hit the trees. It’s beautiful with the oranges, reds, and yellows. My mom and I really loved how red some trees turned that when we got a new tree in the front yard we decided to get one that turned red.

In high school, I was in marching band, at least until my senior year. And we always played at the home football games. I hated watching football, I have never gotten into it and always spent the time talking with my friends rather than paying attention to the game. It’s sad that my junior year was the last straw for me and many others to be in it. It changed from something fun and enjoyable to a chore. I hated that because I was in for the enjoyment rather than the perfection of my marching and my music playing I was treated quite badly. I stuck it out for as long as I did because I thought I could be the section leader since most seniors get that role or at least help. But when I was still getting pulled aside to work on my marching as a junior with freshmen, I decided that was it for me. I didn’t care if I joined again next year. I was already doing quite a bit in the music section with being in choir as well. But before all that turned sour. It was fun. Our school colors matched up with Halloween (Orange and Black) and we went from our summer uniforms to our winter ones and I liked how professional we looked. I had made friends with different people on the band and we were kind of our own group. I think my favorite march we did that year was at the best time of year when it was a little bit cold (though with no jacket and a not so thick uniform it was freezing) and the parade ended at one of the school that was holding a craft fair. I got to have one of my favorite types of food at the end and look at the little crafts made and then walk to one of my friend’s houses that lived nearby. Sometimes we’d go to the book fair or a local resell shop for books that was also haunted (it was in the local paper for it). Getting to look at old books and visit the cats that lived there was the best. After my freshmen year I don’t think I really went there but maybe once but I’ll look back on those days as a great memory.

Here in England Fall is a bit different, instead of having the Indian Summer at the beginning of semester, we’ve gotten a mixture of warm and cold weather. It’s been rainy one week and warm and sunny the next. I do believe this week is the turn to be rainy. Then there’s the apple and pumpkin galore lacking. I won’t be going to an apple orchard/pumpkin farm. Nor enjoying watching even adults get excited for Halloween. Beyond the kids it’s not really celebrated as much as it is in America. Though it changed for me too back home when I got too old to trick or treat. I was either in middle school or high school when I went with two friends and the weird looks we got from some of the people when they open the door was enough for me to think I shouldn’t do it anymore. I can understand from the other side. You don’t know if we’re up to no good and wondering how old we are, me and my friends did tend to look a few years older even by the time we were 14. So I decided I would still dress up but I would just hand out candy and watch scary movies. But I found that boring, and then there’s the fact I don’t like a lot of “scary” movies. I think they put horror or scary on the title and just use it as an excuse to make it bloody and disgusting. I don’t like those types of films. But then I got old enough to go to Halloween parties or have some of my own. Though I learned the hard way that parties at mine weren’t that fun with a mom who could hear what you said and gave you grief over it (Sorry Mom! But you know it’s true!) I didn’t really like going to other parties either, I think I loved the planning part where you got to be creative and then that was it. If it was one where there was a lot of people I didn’t know, I just kind of moved around and stuck with the people I knew. I’m not a fan of crowds and I’m not a fan of being noticed either. The few I have enjoyed over the years has been this one at the Koken Art Factory. It’s started a few years ago and a classmate from college had some work in it. You could dress in costume and look at the Halloween themed art. The next year I entered it but wasn’t able to really enjoy the party due to my flight from New York being late back to St. Louis. But that place throws some really cool art shows/parties throughout the year. I don’t think I’ll enter into a Halloween show again because really I don’t see a reason to sell Halloween art, just to make it and the amount of money I put into just framing the two pieces of work I had been too much to do again. Though I would love to do the other shows. They had an Alice in Wonderland themed one I think about two years ago. I loved some of the work and found it quite enjoyable, the hardest part was getting someone to go with me.

Anyway back to Fall. Though I will find parts here of Fall that I will enjoy like Bonfire Night and maybe going to York again to watch the light show they have in October, I can’t wait to get to St. Louis again to experience Fall there, it does help by that point I’ll be getting married and probably spending my last Fall/Winter there for a few years. That’s the main reason why I am choosing to have my wedding in the Fall and having a Fall theme. I loved that time of year in St. Louis above any else. Now to just decided on how and where I’m getting my decorations for the wedding.


3 thoughts on “Fall

    • Oh wow thanks! I didn’t think I’d actually get the person who gave me the idea for the post to read this.England definitely has some great views in the Fall.

      • I believe it. If I could, I would be there today! And then I’d probably walk around town, shop in Cornmarket Street and do a little writing at the top of the hill near Oxford Castle.

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