Bored Bored Bored

So I’m finding myself to be continually bored. I submitted my dissertation last Wednesday and I was expecting things to be calm and quiet when I got there.

Boy was I wrong!

It’s freshers week so there were a ton of students there, new and returning and it wasn’t so bad getting there. The more annoying part came when I was wanting to leave and there was a congestion at the bus stop as well a storm passing through. I had forgotten my umbrella and normally I wouldn’t care if I got a little wet but that day I did. I was going to dinner and the theatre that night with Mike and his parents to see Phantom of the Opera and since it was in Leeds I just dressed in the nice clothes I was going to wear that night. Well since the bus stop sheltered was crammed with students, I was forced to wait outside it, then it started raining. I kept debating about seeking shelter over waiting out the bus, it did say it was due but it was very late. So I decided to stay and a bus did show up just not the one I needed but I did managed to get in the sheltered and in time to save myself from heavier downpour. But then the bus I wanted did show up. And in order to make sure I got decent seat I was one of the first people in line, the heavy downpour got heavier and I was out of the shelter. I had on my thickish winter coat because it was quite chilly that day and I knew it would be colder by the time the performance was done. It also covered most of my dress too so I managed to not get overly soaked. But my coat and the back of my dress did and all these other students got it just as badly as me. I was dry by the time I met up with my in-laws but my wet coat left me a bit cold. I wish I could say I enjoyed the evening but with how tired I was from running around and cold from the rain (my pit stop at Starbucks only helped a little bit) made me a bit cranky. The place we ate at was fine but I wanted to try somewhere new and we walked a long way to decide where to go and then the seats at the theatre were Victorian and not made for comfort or space so I couldn’t completely enjoy the performance. It got to a point where I wanted to leave that’s how badly I wanted to go home. Mike and I both agreed that we wouldn’t attempt to go to a performance there again unless we got the expensive box seats since the lack of space was quite hard on our knees. I felt like an old woman trying to walk down the steps later.

I’ve started the work on my presentation but do find myself distracted. It doesn’t take much really but it’s not like my dissertation where I really needed to be concentrated on it. I think I’m nearly done with that actually and I don’t need that until next week.

But this last week has been doing a bit of job hunting, finally finding some jobs I can apply for, taking it easy and starting to look into when to go home. It’s been quite a bummer finding how high the ticket prices are. I don’t really get why ticket prices are higher for a single ticket rather than ones where you get a return. We’ve also realized that I’m going to have to go home sooner since I’m not restricted by a job which has its benefits but I really hate flying by myself. It gives me such anxiety and I never know what to expect, I think I’m always worried about missing a connecting flight plus all the stuff I got. We are thinking I might just need to decide what I really want sent home after the fact. I’m thinking I will just leave some things here that I don’t absolutely need like some of my books. I will get to meet up with my friends before Mike comes so we’re not rushing to meet this person and that person while he’s here. It might actually be more like a vacation for him as well as us planning a bit more for the wedding. But I am worried about money as usual. I had to spent quite a bit to print my dissertation so instead of nearly having enough for a plane ticket I am a bit short. Thankfully I will be more free for work but I guess I am a little worried since I’ve never worked in the UK and I haven’t worked in over a year. And then I’m going to have to start that process all over again when I come home. I already have a few library websites saved to look for work though I am going to be open to stuff that is at least is full-time and pays the bills and funds the wedding.

Speaking of which, one of the designers I like seems to now have prices listed for the dresses I’m preferring which just puts them out of the price range I’m thinking. And even with the limit I’m allowing myself, that extremely generous. I’d rather not spend that much on a dress but I am planning at some point to try those dresses on and if I like them, I’m might search for an Esty designer to see if they’ll make it for me at a better price and maybe a bit shorter. I definitely favoring the tea length dresses. So those are some things to keep in mind. I haven’t done any dress shopping yet with the mother-in-law but she keeps looking at places.

Oh and I have a very funny story to tell of Grey. I don’t know if I mentioned once before about Mogs recently brining in a live mouse and it hiding under the couch in the front room. Well Mogs when she lets it loose and tries to find it (this most recent one isn’t the first time she’s caught one and let it loose) she gets too excited and can’t pinpoint the scent. We’ve discovered that Grey is much better at it. On this night where she couldn’t find it, Grey jumps off the couch as he sees her and the rest of us looking for it and just kind of points it out by sniffing at a part of the couch and sitting there. I then see where it is and he leaves the room. Mogs at this point is still trying to find it. So that said, Grey was bugging me one day last week for food after I had already given him some maybe an hour or so before. I can’t remember if I check to see if there was food or not but I wouldn’t give in to his pleas. So he kind of settles down for a bit then decides to go outside. Next thing I hear is him meowing and my father in law yelling to warn me he’s brought in a mouse. So I jump up because I don’t want it loose in the bedroom. I open the door to find Grey is already sitting there and there is something on the ground. He just sat there purring away and sitting so proudly as if to say, “Look what I got for you! Can I have some food now?” So I patted his head and walked around him to get some paper towels, the mouse was dead though it looked as if it was a heart attack rather than an injury that killed him though he very well could have crushed it carrying the little guy. I then fed Grey and disposed of the poor little mouse. I just hope he doesn’t plan to do that again the next time I won’t feed him lol

He got to stay in last night too though got to and forced to are two different things. I bet the way he saw it was he wasn’t allowed to go out and he wasn’t allowed to snuggle in bed with someone. He is a serious snuggler. If someone is in the bed with him he will move to where he is laying next to if not on the person. It’s quite cute when he does that. Last night he got up to go downstairs so Mike and I got into bed and we thought his parents would put him out but I guess they decided not to cause of the weather so instead of him being content with the cat bed, he just laid on top of the steps and would meow a bit anytime there was movement cause I know each time I woke up I would hear him whine. He also left a little present by the backdoor. We’re going to have to litter train him it seems. Based on what I found today it shouldn’t be too different from a kitten and thankfully the in-laws don’t have an issue with it. So once that happens he’s just going to have to get along with the girls and snooze with them in the front room at night. It shouldn’t be too hard to do.

Anyway I think that was it. Not much has gone on. I’m leaving this weekend for the band competition that Mike and his mom are in. Sunday we’re going to go to Stratford Upon Avon so I get to see Shakespeare’s house again! It’s been 11 years since I went there and I was in a jet lag coma I think. Most of us just slept on the bus until we got somewhere. I do remember bits and pieces but my photos from there aren’t that great since the camera I used wasn’t very good. So hopefully I’ll have some nice photos to share!


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