What I’ll Miss: A Year Later


I’ve googled myself today. I’ve done it before but it’s been awhile but I’ve been curious to see what I find when I look my name up, I remember back when I started this blog as an intention for my photography work and I found I couldn’t get a domain in my name because someone else had it. I didn’t see the website anymore though for the person that shared my name but did watercolors. It doesn’t really matter anymore but I was pleasantly surprised to find this blog was on the second and third page.

The first blog entry that showed up was from last August when I was trying to stay positive about my delay to the UK so I shared some photos of a festival that happens yearly back home. The second blog entry was about what I would miss and wouldn’t miss from back home. And it’s interesting to see that a year later some of those things are different or didn’t have as big an impact as I thought it would.

So I’m just going to share the original item on the list and then say how I feel now.

1.I will definitely miss my friends and family and being able to call them up and hang out.

I do miss that, I do find that I crave contact with people sometimes and other times I am so shell-shocked from being in town that it puts my social anxiety into overdrive. I know I am looking forward to seeing some people again but I’ve gotten used to it.

2. I will not miss the weather especially the damn humidity. I barely got any sleep last night cause it was too warm even with a fan and no covers.

Oh how I haven’t missed that. It’s actually been between cold and mild here the entire time, though their past winter wasn’t normal it has gotten cold sooner this fall/winter. Next summer is going to suck.

3. I’ll miss my walks with my friend and former boss Emily, we talk and bitch and sometimes go out to eat together.

I do miss those walks but I can definitely say that I think my walking speed has increased since being over here cause if you want to get somewhere you have to pick your feet up and these damn hills go by faster the quicker I go.

4. God I’ll miss the St. Louis food! Ted Drewes, toasted ravioli and gooey butter cake. Among others…

Yes yes and yes this is still true. I may be able to get a root beer fix and marshmallow fluff fix but it’s going to be a struggle not to stuff my mouth with any of this when I get home. First thing I’m probably going to do is order some Imos.

5. I’ll miss having a full length fridge, seriously they’re small there.

When I was in Leeds it wasn’t that bad and Mike’s parents have a fridge freezer in the cellar as well as a large freezer so it’s not too bad though I do miss the connivence of having the freezer and microwave in the kitchen. I have to go down there if I want something and sometimes I can’t be bothered.

6. I won’t miss the stress that work has brought me or certain individuals that create the negative environment.

I remember how stressed out I was last year at this point. My boss was no longer there and all the people I really got along with in my department were slowly going elsewhere or working completely different hours to me. And the one person who made my work life hell was doing what he could to make it hard on me. I remembering for months having dreams about being back at work and having to see him again. I’ve since been able to deal with the situation in a positive manner and move on with my life. Just wish I could find another job.

7. I will miss some people from work. They’re the ones that still keep me sane.

I do miss a few old co-workers. I’ll likely be visiting them when I go home.

8. I’ll miss my room. I’ve made it mine for the last 25 years. I guess I’ll allow the cats to own it.

I do miss it but Mike’s room has been a nice substitute.

9. I’ll miss my kitties, especially poor Missy, who just got diagnosed with kidney disease.

Missy, the poor baby, passed away before I left home. But she was old and she is doing better now. I do miss Indy and I bet she’ll be happy when I come home cause she changed when I left. But I got three more cats I love and will miss. Mogs, Minnie and Grey. 🙂

10. I think I’ll miss my car, I’ll miss being able to just drive anywhere, I won’t miss the damn money it costs me to fix it all the time and for gas.

I kind of have missed my car but not as much as I would have thought. I’m quite used to walking, taking the bus or train and riding with Mike’s parents when they drive.

11. I’ll miss having unlimited access to books, cds, movies, etc for no cost at all. God I’ve read so much in the last four years it’s crazy.

I did at first but I found that I didn’t have as much time for reading books and there were plenty of options with films. My tv shows I watch are mostly shown over here and I’ve found substitutes for find them or new shows while being over here. I can’t say there are many that I’ve been oh I have to watch that.

12. Irish Car Bombs, it’s kind of a tradition for me to have them on my birthday though this year I think I’m skipping it but I think if I ask for that over there I’d get my ass kicked. It’d be like asking for crashing twin towers here.

I don’t know what I was thinking. I haven’t thought about that drink at all while here. I’ve discovered other things to try. But yeah I didn’t miss those.

13. Hmmm some more things I won’t miss…feeling guilty cause I haven’t help with this or that lol Sorry mom but it’s true.

Why did I put this? lol Can’t say I’ve been made to feel guilty for some things but it has been nice to be somewhat independent as much as one can be in someone else’s house.

14. I won’t miss my neighbor, his crappy music or his mean dogs!

I have to say I think the people living in my student accommodation gave him a run for his money. But yeah I haven’t missed his crazy antics at all.

15. I won’t miss the chaos that happens after my nephews have been over. Love em but it’s like a tornado hit the playroom lol

Hasn’t bothered me lol

16. I won’t miss brown recluses! Haven’t seen one yet this summer but I’m not gonna hold my breath, but I will have a shoe ready >)

There are currently 4 spiders living in the kitchen and I haven’t been bothered by them. Why? Because they aren’t poisonous. Sadly when I go home I’d likely be killing anything that the size or color of a brown recluse.

17. I’ll miss my movie channels, I love watching movies whenever I feel like. I’m hoping I can get the rest of True Blood online since I’m moving in the middle of the 4th Season.

I did managed to watch the rest of the 4th season since I was still at home. And I’ve seen the 5th season. I’m quite content.

18. I’ll probably miss my blanky lol.  I’ve had this one probably since I was a baby but it’s so torn up I’m probably gonna trash it when I leave. It was good for a makeshift pillow and as a kid a cape for my kitties.

My blanky was put to good use. It accompanied Missy when she was buried. I couldn’t find her collar but I figured since she was used as the cape holder when I was a kid and both I had from childhood and I thought it was a nice thought.

19. I’ll miss the malls, they have shops there but not nearly as much as we have especially when it comes clothes for me. Though there might be some in Leeds. I’ll just have to find out.

Nope haven’t missed them. Plenty of shopping around here and I’ve saved money! Do wish it was easier to find my way around the grocery stores here than back home.

So that’s pretty much it. I found at first I did miss the familiarity of being at home because there are so many little things that are different that it can add up. But there are good and bad things here as there are back in St. Louis. I know when I go home I’m going to be talking about how much I miss my fiancé, the cats, some ciders and a few tv shows. Oh and how can I forget the NHS! Not having to worry about any bills from the doctor and finding alternatives to my acid reflux meds. I am kind of surprised at my feeling towards Halloween now. It’s not a big deal here and I haven’t missed all the Halloweeny stuff but that could be because it marketed towards kids here. I do miss the art show I used to go to and the movies but I don’t think I’ll worry about costumes anymore.


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