Hi all! I’m back in England for the next 2 weeks so here’s my blog entry on my new blog!


I’m reblogging this because of my love for cats and because of such a terrible situation of these cats. I started following this blog a while back because at the time I was considering bringing one of my cats over and thought I might use them. So if you would like to help or are curious please read this.

on the road with Animalcouriers

Cordelia from Nine Lives Greece has written to ask us for help in spreading the word, to see if anyone can offer a loving, responsible permanent homes for any of their cats. She says:

“We are absolutely overwhelmed with endless kittens, many of which have problems with their eyes or other issues, that are being found in rubbish bins, abandoned at the places where we feed cats, abandoned at the vets and pet-shops, left at the side of the road etc, and also just countless poor adult cats that are being ditched by their owners, particularly now with the excuse of the financial crisis.

We would be incredibly grateful if you could persuade your friends or contacts to ‘rescue a victim of the Greek crisis’ and reach out to help some of these cats (the ones pictured here are just a few, we don’t want to overwhelm you with all of…

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Update on Mogs

Don’t test me mortal.


The little stinker came home this morning. My boyfriend told me she was meowing away like nothing had happened. She was gone for over 48 hours! Really wonder where she was all that time. Anyway good news to hear and share! 😀


That’s what I have to keep telling myself.

I’m finding it’s easy for me to freak out about the work I’m doing thinking I need to keep up and that I’m getting behind.

One thing that has started this is one professor told us that in two weeks we’ll be meeting one on one with one of the three professors teaching the class to talk about how we’re doing so far with the paper due in January along with the reflective log we’re supposed to be doing. Then I have a class that I’m doing a paper on that is due a lot sooner that I haven’t done much with. I need to let that professor know next week what I’ll be doing. Though I do have a pretty good idea I’m just not sure if it’s a good idea. However with the one on one thing, I have no clue what I’m gonna write about and just now started the reflective log. Though after talking to Mike and a classmate, they assured me it was likely just to talk about ideas for it and see what I think or if I need help.

But before I talked to Mike I kept thinking I need to be doing more. I need to be waking up early and get going sooner and go to school and spend hours researching and writing and such. But then I did talk to Mike. He reminded me that I haven’t been in school or the country a month yet so I’m still getting sorted and I have plenty of time do things. I’m very far in my Digital Media Communications class, I’m doing pretty well in my Information Society and Economics class which is the one I’ve pretty much decided on the subject for my first assignment. I am doing lots of work. Maybe not quite up to 40 hours yet but I got time to adjust still. Plus I have a place to maintain and clothes to wash. Though I really don’t like my place. The sink is still leaking and the new part has yet to come and no one has told me anything, it smells of mold at times and even when I don’t turn on the sink it still leaks. The place is fairly quiet and pleasant during the day but when it gets to evening you hear people getting ready to go out and then they’re already drinking so they get pretty obnoxious. Especially when they in the hallways at 11 or 12 to go out and they’re not being quiet. I usually have headphones in so I managed to sleep and block out anything but at least once a night I’m woken up by someone. At first it was hard to go back to sleep but now it’s like I don’t care or I’m used to it. Last week though I couldn’t block the alarm going off out. It was around 2am and I was sound asleep. I stumbled to it to see what it was and if I could stop it and after a minute it stopped. Then I waited to see if it would go off again or if I could hear anyone else stirring cause of it. I also waited to see if someone knocked on my door to ask what was going on or to even tell me. It took me nearly an hour to go back to sleep and I heard yelling a few times but I managed and had fitful sleep. The next morning when I got up and left for school I saw the maintenance man and asked him if he knew what the alarm by the door was. He explained to me what it was and why it went off. It’s the alarm that can only be tripped by one of the main ones that controls them all. That night a girl got rather drunk and the security guy I guess was trying to get her to her room and she was by the main controls and pushed the button that set them off. When the security guy tried to stop her she hit him or attempted to. So police were called. As far as I know it’s about £200-250 for setting an alarm for a non emergency and the assault to the security guy would have been another charge. So someone got into a lot of trouble either way. I prefer my quiet weekends in Huddersfield really but I guess it’s something I will have to eventually get used to. Anyway gonna keep reminding myself to take it easy and slow down and enjoy myself sometimes.

New Theme!

I got a new theme on my blog. I liked the one before but I hated how the title was partly covered by the background. I tried to find a way to either change the font or color of the title but the only thing I could find required me to pay for it. Yeah no, I’m not ready to pay for a blog that doesn’t quite get me a ton of hits. Granted I’m quite happy with what I have been getting. Unless I’m getting hundreds of people per day lol I working the free version.

Oh a separate note still haven’t hard anything from UKBA. But the day is not over yet.

Finishing touches and what I’m gonna miss and not

So I am nearly done with the process for school. I got my CAS number recently so I started applying for my student visa. The only thing is, it never once asked me for the CAS number throughout the application. So I’m a little confused about that. I didn’t know if I was suppose to provide it in there somewhere or if I give it to the people I got the appointment with for the biometrics. I’ll bring it with me and hope it will all be okay!

Also I was looking at what I’m supposed to bring with me for the appointment and it says have booking/itinerary of flight to and from the UK but not to book the flight til I receive the Visa. That makes no sense for one and for another I can’t actually book a return flight for over a year in advance. But they probably know that. All this is making me nervous cause I expect them to say oh you screwed up so we’re denying your visa and I have to reapply and then come later than my flight is. I also want to make sure I got everything I need for the appointment, thankfully that isn’t til next week so I got til then to quadruple check I got everything together.

I keep thinking about what I’m gonna miss from St. Louis and what I won’t. I will definitely miss my friend and family and being able to call them up and hang out.

I will not miss the weather especially the damn humidity. I barely got any sleep last night cause it was too warm even with a fan and no covers.

I’ll miss my walks with my friend and former boss Emily, we talk and bitch and sometimes go out to eat together.

God I’ll miss the St. Louis food! Ted Drewes, toasted ravioli and gooey butter cake. Among others…

I’ll miss having a full length fridge, seriously they’re small there.

I won’t miss the stress that work has brought me or certain individuals that create the negative environment.

I will miss some people from work. They’re the ones that still keep me sane.

I’ll miss my room. I’ve made it mine for the last 25 years. I guess I’ll allow the cats to own it.

I’ll miss my kitties, especially poor Missy, who just got diagnosed with kidney disease.

I think I’ll miss my car, I’ll miss being able to just drive anywhere, I won’t miss the damn money it costs me to fix it all the time and for gas.

I’ll miss having unlimited access to books, cds, movies, etc for no cost at all. God I’ve read so much in the last four years it’s crazy.

Irish Car Bombs, it’s kind of a tradition for me to have them on my birthday though this year I think I’m skipping it but I think if I ask for that over there I’d get my ass kicked. It’d be like asking for crashing twin towers here.

Hmmm some more things I won’t miss…feeling guilty cause I haven’t help with this or that lol Sorry mom but it’s true.

I won’t miss my neighbor, his crappy music or his mean dogs!

I won’t miss the chaos that happens after my nephews have been over. Love em but it’s like a tornado hit the playroom lol

I won’t miss brown recluses! Haven’t seen one yet this summer but I’m not gonna hold my breath, but I will have a shoe ready >)

I’ll miss my movie channels, I love watching movies whenever I feel like. I’m hoping I can get the rest of True Blood online since I’m moving in the middle of the 4th Season.

I’ll probably miss my blanky lol.  I’ve had this one probably since I was a baby but it’s so torn up I’m probably gonna trash it when I leave. It was good for a makeshift pillow and as a kid a cape for my kitties.

I’ll miss the malls, they have shops there but not nearly as much as we have especially when it comes clothes for me. Though there might be some in Leeds. I’ll just have to find out.

Well I think for now that all I can think of. It was fun to think about everything that I might miss or might not. Especially with the “Thank God I’m getting away from that!” stuff.

A little change

So I’m changing this blog around a bit. It’s really hard to keep up the photo stuff plus I’m taking a slightly different direction than I knew I was going to a year ago. Come August I will be leaving my library job to go over to England for a year to get my masters in library science. Though it’s called something different there, I’m pretty sure it will similar. Right now it’s kind of a countdown to when I’ll be there. I hope to update this with my preparations for going over there, what it’s like living in England and what I’m up to and hopefully some photos 🙂
In a way it will be to keep my family and friends updated and to maybe even gather interest to others who might be curious to know what it’s like over there. I’ll be in Yorkshire England which is the northern part of the country. I’ll be located in Leeds since that’s where the school is but I’m more than sure that I’ll be visiting the town of Huddersfield frequently since my boyfriend and his family live there. Also to note, Yorkshire is a very very large area so the area I will mostly be in is West Yorkshire and for those of you who are not aware, this is nowhere near London. It is amazing how many people automatically think of London when you say that you are going/living in England. It does have quite the population compared to the rest of the country but it is not the only place there is. During my last visit there I went to York, Scarborough and Whitby and they are some of the most amazing places I have ever seen. I think I’ve always been one for living on the coast though as far as Scarborough and Whitby go. But overall everything is beautiful.

I’m hoping in the next month or so to be getting my visa and traveling to Chicago to give the necessary info to finish the visa. And in less than 13 weeks I will be in England!