Crazy Cat Lady Adventures Continue!

So we may have a new cat.

But it’s too soon to tell at the moment to know if we do or not.


You see, there’s this grey cat and he’s really cute but we don’t know if his owner is coming for him. (Wow that was nearly turned into a call me maybe meme.)

There used to be this single mom that lived across the road from us. She had two cats, one that became an a serious outside cat after they got the kitten that he didn’t like. So instead of trying to work with them getting used to each other she just throws him outside all the time, even if it’s raining (strangely he didn’t seem too bothered by the rain). I used to feel so bad for him when I’d see him seeing there waiting to come inside because she had gone somewhere (From what we know she didn’t have a job and was supported by the government, who knows if that’s changed, but it’s quite common over here for people to never work because of all the money the government gives them). About a month or so ago she moved, we figured she moved in with a new boyfriend. We were seeing a guy around there quite a bit at the end. And sadly grey cat was gone.

Now Grey I always liked, I never knew his name so I used to just call him Grey. He’s quite friendly though he’d like to sneak in through the back door and eat Mogs and Minnie’s food. He used to run when he saw one of us. I once managed to get him to come back so he could see I was friendly though it backfired by encouraging him to try coming in more. He also used to pick on Mogs a bit. But she’s a big girl now so it seems the tables have turned.

So either Thursday or Friday Grey showed up again. It seems he decided to come back. But without knowing where his owner moved to and if she’ll come looking, he basically homeless. Since he doesn’t mind being outside, we just feed him outside. He was so hungry yesterday when I saw him, he ate two food packs in one go. He came back later for dinner and I fed him again. I think he realizes we’re friendly and he can trust us for food (and luckily he likes the cheap stuff). We put this nice covered cat bed outside. We figured he could sleep in it at night though he has to fight for it between Mogs and Minnie laying in during the day.

Minnie in the cat bed

We’re hoping that Grey and Mogs will get along enough that if we do end up adopting him, that he can come inside. Especially if the weather is bad.

Mr. Grey!

I’ll update to let anyone know if his owner ever comes or if we decided to officially adopt him. Apparently he was waiting outside the backdoor this morning to be fed. I think we’ve been adopted in this case.

Eating Dinner
Back to Exploring!

Crazy Cat Lady

So I’m taking a mini break from my lit review writing to talk about something I found the other day. Most evenings and weekends I like to relax by watching tv or playing around on the internet. One of my favorite sites that I visit weekly (used be daily when I first joined) is Pinterest. I really like it cause I get all kinds of cool idea for food recipes, one day home decors and all kinds of DIY stuff as well as ideas for my wedding that I never knew I had. :p I also like to look at photography photos and animals. My favorite is generally one of cats (of course). One day last week I was on there and was looking at the animal/pets section. And there was this adorable little photo of a kitten. The caption kind of hinted that it was rescued. So I clicked on the photo and it took me this website called Love Meow. It’s a website that is for cat lovers and has all these amazing stories of cats that are rescued, fostered or about shelters out there dedicated to trying to help cats. The story I was interested in was about a Kitten in Alberta. Apparently it was found in a dumpster with its siblings but was the only one still alive. He was lucky to be found because according to the vet he was “mere moments from death”. The kitty is now 9 months old and very healthy. There are many stories on there like that and it just makes me happy to see so many people out there helping and caring for poor cats like that. One story had me so completely moved that I found his Facebook page and I get updates on the little cutie all the time. Anakin is a kitten that was born in April and is a very special cat for one reason. He was born without a pelvis or hind legs. He was found by his owner/rescuer with a group of feral cats by the owner’s father’s job. They managed to catch him and bring him to a vet to see what was going on. He can actually walk too, I’ve seen videos and it is amazing and adorable at the same time. I showed my fiance the page of photos and pictures and explained the story to him and his immediate response was “I want him! He’s so cute!” Hurt or helpless animals tend to pull his heartstrings just as much as mine. But Anakin seems to be doing great and I love seeing the photos of the little guy. The Facebook page is and I found him and many others on

I thought I share such a lovely story about these cats and spread the word for those in need. I can’t have any cats at the moment (beyond my future in-laws’ Mogs and Minnie) but it doesn’t stop me from spreading the word to others looking to adopt. Plus I have to share my crazy cat obsession with the world. 🙂


Anakin the Two Legged Miracle. He can be found on facebook at