Crazy Cat Lady

So I’m taking a mini break from my lit review writing to talk about something I found the other day. Most evenings and weekends I like to relax by watching tv or playing around on the internet. One of my favorite sites that I visit weekly (used be daily when I first joined) is Pinterest. I really like it cause I get all kinds of cool idea for food recipes, one day home decors and all kinds of DIY stuff as well as ideas for my wedding that I never knew I had. :p I also like to look at photography photos and animals. My favorite is generally one of cats (of course). One day last week I was on there and was looking at the animal/pets section. And there was this adorable little photo of a kitten. The caption kind of hinted that it was rescued. So I clicked on the photo and it took me this website called Love Meow. It’s a website that is for cat lovers and has all these amazing stories of cats that are rescued, fostered or about shelters out there dedicated to trying to help cats. The story I was interested in was about a Kitten in Alberta. Apparently it was found in a dumpster with its siblings but was the only one still alive. He was lucky to be found because according to the vet he was “mere moments from death”. The kitty is now 9 months old and very healthy. There are many stories on there like that and it just makes me happy to see so many people out there helping and caring for poor cats like that. One story had me so completely moved that I found his Facebook page and I get updates on the little cutie all the time. Anakin is a kitten that was born in April and is a very special cat for one reason. He was born without a pelvis or hind legs. He was found by his owner/rescuer with a group of feral cats by the owner’s father’s job. They managed to catch him and bring him to a vet to see what was going on. He can actually walk too, I’ve seen videos and it is amazing and adorable at the same time. I showed my fiance the page of photos and pictures and explained the story to him and his immediate response was “I want him! He’s so cute!” Hurt or helpless animals tend to pull his heartstrings just as much as mine. But Anakin seems to be doing great and I love seeing the photos of the little guy. The Facebook page is and I found him and many others on

I thought I share such a lovely story about these cats and spread the word for those in need. I can’t have any cats at the moment (beyond my future in-laws’ Mogs and Minnie) but it doesn’t stop me from spreading the word to others looking to adopt. Plus I have to share my crazy cat obsession with the world. 🙂


Anakin the Two Legged Miracle. He can be found on facebook at

If Cats Could Talk…

So we found out today what happened to poor Mogs. My boyfriend’s parents came back today and she spoke to one of the neighbors after visiting with a woman across the road that has health problems. She was apparently stuck in the basement of a neighbor two doors down. The husband thought he kept hearing a cat meow and his wife kept saying “Don’t be silly”. By the third day he realized something was up and opened the door to find a frighten cat run out and climb into their chimney! He couldn’t get her out so he left his back door open and left her be and that’s how she came to show up that early morning my boyfriend found her. It would also explain why she was so dirty.

That poor, poor kitty. It would explain her behavior since she’s come back. Don’t think she’ll be doing that again.

Now I shall share the photos I’ve taken of her since she came back.


Not even back a whole day and she wants out again!


Mogs and Minnie looking outside together


Mogs still deciding about it…


She eventually joined her.


Chilling out in the closest. And wondering why I’m trying to get her out.


Enjoying a nice snooze on the bed.


What I really wished I would have gotten was a video or picture of Mogs leapfrogging Minnie yesterday outside. Mogs when she wants to come in will sit at the window, but sometimes she doesn’t realize the door is open and I have to stick my head out and tell her. Yesterday I was doing this when Minnie decides to go out as well. Mogs see this and sees that Minnie has her back to her. So she jumps down and creeps up behind Minnie before just doing a leap-frog over her and surprising the heck out of Minnie. It was quite funny. She’s definitely back to normal.