York Haunted Pub Crawl

Right so its been a while since I’ve blogged. Been meaning to do it for ages and I thought today’s post was quite suitable for attempting a come back. Last time I wrote a post it was about losing my cat Indy in the states. On top of all that I was also dealing with a bit of depression and what I found so odd but seemed to explain a lot, culture shock. While it’s not my first time living in the UK or experience things in the north. I was missing the normality I would get in St. Louis and not having a job and getting out of the house was also taking a toil. But now I have a job and a steady income I’m not only able to get out a hell of a lot more, I’m socializing a lot more. I still miss home obviously but I’m doing a lot more and spending so much time doing things and working that by the time I get home I am so worn out and sleeping within minutes of getting into bed. I might still be getting used to the work but I do like how quickly I’m going to sleep considering just a mere few months ago I was struggling to fall asleep at night.

Anyway last weekend my husband, me and our two friends David and Fiona went to York for an overnight trip. We did a haunted pub crawl that I’ve been wanting to do for nearly two years now. I got a booked called Haunted York and in the back with a list of haunted historic places there was a list of 10 pubs that were reported to be haunted with a map to help find our way. The only unfortunate thing was there was no stories as to their hauntings in the book. So I had to do a bit of research for all the different places. We didn’t get to go in all of them, there was only two we didn’t actually even get to see as they were the two farthest out of the main pubs. At least another 3 more that were too crowded to want to get a drink in as my husband and David joked, serving crap beer anyway being John Smiths pubs. Though I want to say one wasn’t and I really wanted to go in it but it was so crowded from a live band that was playing that I figured any spirits in that one wouldn’t be around.

So first we went to the Golden Fleece which had a doorman for such a tiny place. The fleece’s story I would write in my own words but I think its written quite well from a website I found.

Reputedly the most haunted pub in York, this early 16th century inn is certainly one of the oldest, having first been documented in 1503.

It is believed that no fewer than 15 spirits haunt this quaint unsuspecting pub. The most notable of these reports is the spirit of Lady Anne Peckett, the wife of the one time mayor of York, John Peckett. Many guests and staff have reported the sighting of a woman wandering the corridors of the inn, moving things around, and walking up and down the staircase in the dead of night.

Other ghosts include a man dressed in red coat uniform and holding a pistol. He’s known by people as One Eyed Jack, whether this is because he has been seen to wear a patch or is missing an eye is not known. He is also joined by a grumpy old man, both of whom are often sighted in the bottom bar area. A young boy is also seen in the top bar. It’s believed he is the ghost of a boy who was trampled to death by horses outside the inn sometime during the Victorian period.

After the Golden Fleece we got dinner, checked out Dean Court Hotel and decided we didn’t want to pay the prices but I will share the history I got from their website

As York is said to be one of the most haunted cities in the entire world, it’s no surprise that the Dean Court Hotel is haunted, primarily by a cleaner known as the ‘Mad Maid’. Mediums who have visited the hotel in the past came across the mad maid in the basement kitchen, where she told them that she used to work as a cleaner in the guesthouse that used to be next door to the hotel, that later became part of the hotel.

A number of other paranormal happenings have also been reported at the hotel, namely in room 36 on the third floor where most of the activity seems to be concentrated. Guests have reported doors slamming, feeling pressure on their chests late at night whilst they lie in bed, objects being moved around and out of their original positions and terribly cold spots in the rooms, even in the height of summer.

Not far from Dean Court Hotel was the York Arms which so happened to be a Sam Smith’s pub and is one our favourite breweries. Now the ghostly part of York Arms I could not find. The only thing I was able to find was that it was designed by J. P. Pritchett in 1838 and his work involved the demolition of the old Peter Prison and the mediaeval Minster Gate. We liked it there so much we stayed for two drinks. It was nice and quiet which was surprising for a Saturday night. After that we went to one of my favourite pubs Ye Olde Starre Inn in the shambles and that was our first bit of actual ghostly activity.

Ye Olde Starre Inne dates back to 1644, however historians believe the cellar is much older than this. It is from this cellar that most of the activity occurs, with screams and groans often heard. It was here were Royalist soldiers were treated during the inns’ time as a temporary hospital during the Civil War.

Another frequent experience is the sighting of an old lady wearing black clothes. There isn’t much known about the identity of the woman, or how she died, but she is often seen on the staircase.

Perhaps one of the strangest hauntings in this list, is the ghosts of two black cats that reportedly haunt this pub. Local legend says the cats were bricked up between the pillar between the door and the bar. On several occasions, customers have brought their dogs in with them, and whilst having their drinks the dogs have growled, snarled, and in some instances have bolted towards the pillar, with one dog knocking itself out doing so!

The tradition of burying cats in the walls is a tradition that goes back a long way throughout Yorkshire. It is believed this ritual protects the building against both fire and bad luck.

Now I took these pictures before I read the story and saw the first smudge and thought it was the cord of the camera in the picture so I took two more knowing I had a tight hand on the cord and there was still that moving orb. Mike and I believe it might have been the poor cats that were bricked in the pillar. Our friend David kept making fun of the idea so I think that might be why its trying to pick his nose :p It might also explain why I always feel so at home in that place because not being a fan of crowds but being a very big fan of cats, I am never in a rush to move on. I firmly believe that’s the cats visiting our table but then moved on when Mike took over the camera. I did take a few more shots too just to see if it was a flaw with the camera but there was nothing and rather than share an odd picture of my purse I didn’t add it on here. So yeah ghostly cat tails in that place with orbs in lots of other places. Next was The Punch Bowl (not the Wetherspoons one) which also had some orbs in it. They stayed with Fiona mostly.

Said to be haunted, The Punch Bowl has been a pub for over four centuries, or perhaps we should say pubs, as we have suffered two major fires. We have a historical connection with the Whig Party from the 17th Century. Punch was the preferred drink of the Whigs, whilst the Tories liked their claret. Any pub displaying a punch bowl sign was therefore declaring its political allegiance.

As with many of the old pubs in York, the Punch bowl is host to a couple of ghostly figures. In the past, the pub was renown as a brothel. One story is that one women rejected the advances of a client, who then chased her around the pub to one of the rooms where he strangled her to death.

Her ghostly steps and voice have often been heard by the staff and customers. The second being that of a previous landlord who died during a fire in the pub.

After The Punch Bowl we tried to go to the Roman Bath which has a museum downstairs with the Roman bath that was found and is on display. Obviously by this point we couldn’t see the it and it was really crowded so we decided to move on and try it another time. Next was The Old White Swan, we sat at a round table by one of the fireplaces, it was busy but the place was large enough for the crowd. I ended up spilling my cider into my purse which had all my electronics so I had to quickly clean it out. I wasn’t the only one to spill my drink there either so I think it was safe to say we were pretty sloshed. Anyhow the story is here, comes from their website.

Part of a collection of buildings dating back to the 16th century, the Old White Swan is also one of the oldest in the city, and with that comes the history and the stories of hauntings. It is believed that the pub is haunted by a group of papists who have been seen gathering round the fire in the early hours of the morning. The fire itself is often re-ignited by itself after staff have extinguished it shortly before.

Another piece of strange phenomena that occurs at this pub are the reports of furniture being moved and in come cases thrown and toppled over by unseen hands. Muffled voices are also often heard, and the sound of footsteps are a regular occurrence.

The Old White Swan is a collection of buildings with a rather colourful history that dates from the 16th Century. We are one of York’s oldest pubs and are said to be haunted. Buildings at the rear of our courtyard date to medieval times and in 1781, the world’s tallest man, Mr O’Brian, was exhibited here at the pub. O’Brian stood 8 feet tall and the then landlord charged onlookers a shilling.

While I don’t know if the fire we sat by is the one they talk about, there is an orb in one of the photos. So again we didn’t plan to sit by one of the haunted areas before we read the story yet still managed to. Oddly coincidental.

After the white swan we made our way to The Snickleway Inn which sadly was the one with the live band and crammed with people. So we stood outside while I read the story and it took a lot of effort not to just go right in after reading what can happen there.

Situated in the historic centre of York, the Snickleway Inn is one of the oldest pubs in the city with parts of the building dating back to the 15th century. The building was not always linked to the pub trade; evidence suggests it may have once been used as a brothel as well as being the Royalist powder magazine during the English Civil War.

In addition to being one of York’s oldest pubs, the Snickleway Inn is also reputedly one of the most haunted. Derek Acorah names the pub as being amongst Britain’s 100 scariest places to visit, thought to be haunted by at least 5 spirits.

The ghosts include Mrs. Tulliver and her cat, Seamus. Some customers claim to have felt the cat rubbing against their legs. The ghost of a young girl has been seen sitting on the pub stairs. She is the daughter of a past landlord who ran outside into the road one day and was killed by a brewer’s dray. An elderly gent is said to sit on the barrels in the cellar and has been known to throw tools at certain members of staff when they go down there.

Now the part I can’t remember is if we got some food on the way back or before we made our way there but we decided to go to some places that weren’t on the list as the last two were too far out from where we were and our hotel. One place wouldn’t let us in because I forgot my passport in the hotel which was understandable but hey not every place has a doorman so we went to The Red Lion which everyone but me wanted to go to first as they were saying its a pub crawl but it wasn’t on my list and I wanted a haunted pub as we all agreed to do. So I may have pitched a mini fit at the beginning to make sure we stuck with the plan. But now that there was plenty of booze in me and we were pretty much done with our list we went there and it was quite a nice place. Could definitely tell it had some history to it. I’ve yet to see what there is about the place but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was something. After that we finished our night with the Wetherspoons that was connected to the hotel. And of course before heading to bed we raided the vending machine just in the lobby. It sadly was not as pleasant a night of sleep as I would have hoped because we had the window open in our room which you could hear traffic and people out later than us. Then very early that morning a family next door woke up us. Or really the 3 kids and dad trying desperately to get the ready for the day. One crying and two were bouncing around, how do I know this? Because the walls were so fucking thin!!! Or they were just ridiculously loud. Which is highly possible as Fiona and David heard them and they were a few doors down and not connected by the wall that we were. What was funny was when the father left the room with one of the kids and the kid started to say something the father immediately hushed the kid. And it was like yeah bit late for that! So we ended our time in York by having a nice breakfast at Bills and our server telling us about more haunted pubs when she asked about our visit to York. And I had just enough time to quickly nip into The Cat Gallery to grab Grey some of his catnip mice. It was a great trip and I know we’ll be visiting the other two places as well as the new ones we were told about. Oh and I’ll share the stories for the two we didn’t get to go to. Which were The Black Swan and The Cock and Bottle. And there I shall leave you with the last of the stories and pictures.

Cock and Bottle

Georgie Porgie

Georgie Porgie pudding and pie

Kissed the girls and made them cry

When the boys came out to play

Georgie Porgie ran away

George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham (1592-1628) was the bisexual lover of King James I. By no means monogamous, Villiers also had affairs with ladies at Court as well as with the wives and daughters of powerful nobles. It is believed he used his relationship with the King to force his attention on unwilling ladies:

“Kissed the girls and made them cry”

Whilst avoiding prosecution or retaliation. Parliament finally ordered James I to stop intervening on his lover’s behalf causing all the jealous husbands to vow to get their revenge, so…

“Georgie Porgie ran away”

Said to be the home to the ghost of George Villiers, the Duke of Buckingham, who was rumoured to have been made famous by the Georgie Porgie nursery rhyme.

The Black Swan

This solid oak 17th century inn was originally built in 1417 and was used as a family residence. However, the pub as you see it today wasn’t built until sometime during the 17th century.

The Black Swan is certainly one of the oldest buildings in our list, and it also has some interesting reports of paranormal goings on. One of which is the sighting of a Chaplinesque looking figure that wears a bowler hat, pacing around the rooms of the pub as if he’s waiting for someone to arrive. After a while he normally disappears!

The ghost of a beautiful young woman with long black hair and wearing a white dress is also seen. She is often seen looking towards the fireplace as if in deep thought.

Perhaps the strangest of all the haunting at the Black Swan, is the male legs that have often been seen walking around the landlord’s living quarters.

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Stratford Weekend/Marsden Day

So my Sunday trip to Stratford didn’t really go as well as planned. It rained like hell. Weird combination there but not even 15 minutes after we got there it started raining. There was this really cool street performer too that I really wanted to photograph but by the time I had gotten back to her it was raining and she had moved on cause her paint would have washed off. But I will at least describe her. She stood out. I don’t know if was the gold paint on her face or the fact that it looked like she was sitting on nothing but a large stick. She was also holding a woven heart that was wooden, or at least looked wooden. Her head was covered in a wrap and she kind of struck me as like a Hindi God kind of look. She was above a woven mat as well that had a jar saying Follow Your Heart. I remember really looking at her entire display and thought it was so cool. So did Mike, we were holding hands as we walked by and commenting on it. As I looked at her and down at her jar I looked back up at her and she was watching us and smiling as she clutched her heart. I really should have just stopped right there and taken a photo because she looked beautiful but I thought when I’ve gotten to Shakespeare’s house I’ll come back. But like I said it started to rain and I saw her move on. She didn’t notice us but she walked right by us not looking too pleased at the rain. I should know as a photographer to take the opportunity when you take it. But I didn’t and when that happened I knew I had to burn that image of her in my head to share. I wish there was a visual that I could show you all. But that’s all I can do.

So beyond that not much has been going on. I didn’t enjoy the weekend that much, the few things I wanted didn’t really happen and all I kept thinking the whole time was that I wanted to be home snuggling with Grey. He’s been staying with us at night. Since his little accident we’ve been sure to let him out before bed and he’s snuggled with us on the bed. He sleeps the whole night and generally doesn’t want out or food until about the time Mike’s alarm goes off. He seemed like he wasn’t feel that good today. His eye was a bit weepy and seemed to be kind of mopey. But then Mike came back with KFC and boy did he perk up! He got to enjoy some fillet pieces practically jumping Mike for some pieces. After that I gave him his real dinner. I think he’s outside since he hasn’t come back up but I think he feels a lot better. I kind of think he was wanting to be around us more but he was outside for a bit today (the weather has been nice for a change) and we were out visiting a little town that has a visitors center for the canals. I took some photos which I will share as well as what I was able to take in Stratford.

So tomorrow is my presentation of my dissertation. I will be all nerves and likely having a pint or two during my lunch since I am the very last person to go. So I’m finished as of 3pm tomorrow (London time). I also seem to be having semi success with a job application. Hopefully I’ll have a job by November at the very least 🙂

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Edit: I seriously need to stop forgetting to add a title. This like the third or fourth time. If I don’t do one right away I tend to forget. Also to update on Grey. He went out before he had his breakfast this morning and brought back dying bird as I was leaving. I know it was dying because it’s legs were twitching as he tried to bring it in the house. I couldn’t let him in or make him drop it. So I guess he got his own breakfast. Bleh.

The Ballad of Indy River

There hasn’t been much going on lately here since New Years. Mike is back to his regular schedule with work and me being a lazy bum as usual. Alarm goes off at 6:30 and then goes off every 10 minutes until he gets up just after 7:30 to get dressed, brush his teeth, and walk out the door and I try to go back to sleep. Tends to be why I sleep so late cause I can’t just go to sleep right away unless I’m dead tired. So when I finally get up, I’ve been holing up in Mike’s room for the most part to do my daily procrastinating routine until I work on my paper and then reward myself with food and I know any work after is done for cause I generally stop working once I feed myself and want to watch tv and/or play the sims 3.

But I’m not gonna continue with that. Lately I’ve been really homesick. I’m missing some stuff I can only get in St. Louis and I don’t care how pathetic this makes me sound. I miss my cat like crazy. Every time I talk to my mom I hear that whiny meow of hers and just want to grab her up and give her a hug and then have her jump out of my arms cause she is very uncomfortable with being held and don’t even try to put her on her back, she freaks out and a scratch or two is received when she is on her mission to get back on solid ground. She more a lap cat and hates to be moved. That generally why she whines, cause someone is moving around while she’s on their lap or when she wants on and someone won’t let her. She is a peculiar cat. She loves to get under the covers, she has a ridiculous loud purr. She loves dogs once she gets to know them, if there is a visitor she wants to get in their lap and purr away. She loves to go outside and demands it many times a day even if she’s only out for 5 minutes. She so different from how we found her when I was about 12.

One year my family and I went camping for the 4th of July and we went to this campground I haven’t been to since I was a kid. I loved it there cause the owner of the campground or whoever ran the store that was right on the property had a momma cat and a litter of kittens. I remembered it when I went again all those years later. I think it was on my mind  because my birthday was near and I was really wanting another cat. I had one cat, Missy, my mom got her from a co-worker when I was six cause his cat had kittens and he was trying to get rid of them. Missy basically became my cat the day she came home whether she or anyone else knew it at the time. I loved her to death but I liked cats so I wanted more. When we had first gotten Missy we also had an older tabby cat Eddie who ended up passing away unexpectedly a few months after we got Missy, my mom ended up bring Missy’s sister home too who was named Molly (not my name choice though years later I realized the name fit with Missy who I named). But at the time 3 cats and a dog was a bit much so I had to choose between the cats, Missy or Molly. I liked Molly but I didn’t really get to bond with her. So I choose Missy since I had more of an attachment to her. So 6 years later I wanted another kitty. My mom wasn’t too keen on the idea, she was thinking of the money costs which I understand but to a kid like me, I just wanted a cat and I hoped for a playmate for Missy.

So back to the camping trip. It was near the end of the trip. In fact it was the 4th of July. I generally didn’t like camping because it always seemed to rain when we went and this year wasn’t that different. My younger cousin came with me and my parents the day before his family showed up so he was my bunk mate in the tent for the night. In the middle of the night he woke up me because lo and behold my tent had started leaking so we ended up sleeping in my mom’s car, I always preferred sleeping in the car to the tent because of my wonderful experiences with rain and camping. July 4th was a nice day though, nice and sunny and hot. We went to a connivence store nearby that day to get some snacks and supplies and to get some gas. As we went inside we saw this little tricolored cat. I thought she was pretty and I liked calico cats though she seemed rather afraid of me. She kind of ran away when we approached the building. My mom and I got what we wanted inside and we sat at a bench just outside waiting for my dad. The cat was still there, she seemed to approach when we didn’t move. I had a candy bar that I had opened so I lowered it to see if I could get her to come closer so I could pet her. My mom at this point decided to grab her so we could say hi to her and she managed it. We then discovered how skinny she was and that she was covered in ticks. Before we grabbed her my mom thought she belonged to the people at the gas station but we wondered she really did. So My mom had her in her arms and opened the door to ask if the cat was theirs. Apparently it was not. The people seem to imply that she was left there and abandon by a by-passer and she just hung out sometimes at the store. That ended up being enough for my mom to allow us to take her to the campsite and eventually bring her home.

When we brought her back to the campsite she was not too keen on the dogs and seeing all kinds of people. So funny how afraid she was of the golden retriever when a year later she would be curled up with him on the floor and kneading his fur while he whimpered a little but took it like a champ. After we got all the ticks off her she was covered in and fed her a little food, she ran off, we accidentally let her go to eat from a paper plate and had this little rope tied so loosely around her neck she got out of it. But after my cousin found her and let me know by saying “What’s black white and tan and called a cat?” We put her in my mom’s car (especially cause it was fireworks time and she would have been terrified) and I got in the car with her with a cold hot dog and a cup of milk (why I thought milk was a good idea considering she wasn’t a kitten I have no idea). She ate up the hot dog while I held it and lap at the milk a little and then started purring like mad and rubbing all over me and jumping up so she could rub my face with hers. I slept in the car that night with her and I gotta say there wasn’t that much sleeping going on at first cause she would not leave me alone! I’m glad I won her over but Jeez! I was so tired. I think I passed out from exhaustion and when I woke up that morning I turned my head to find she had curled up on my pillow next to me. It was the cutest thing to see and I immediately woke her up by petting her and her purring/rubbing all over me started once more. That was the start of our wonderful friendship. I will say I loved her despite my closer attachment to Missy but she put up with it. I decided to name her Independence River, since we found her on Independence Day at the river. And I shortened it for the vet by calling her Indy River though I just tend to call her Indy most of the time. Indy and Missy never did become friends, Missy was a crab and only put up with one of the dogs we had, the golden retriever. Though over the years they tolerated each other more (all dogs and cats). Indy at some point realized she was the bigger cat and would occasionally pick the fights but she never tried to take Missy’s place as the Alpha cat. I always thought she was disinterested in stuff and didn’t like people food the way Missy did. But after Missy passed away back in July I started to see bits of Indy that she kept hidden away. She became my morning cuddle buddy and when I had chicken or ice cream she was there to wait for a piece or try to steal one (though she prefers vanilla and not chocolate unlike Missy who loved all kinds). I really didn’t want to leave her when I moved to the UK. But I didn’t have much choice. I know she misses me too because she had no idea where I went and sulked for about a week after I left and barely left the upstairs where my room is. She’s now attached to my mom which my mom has found rather annoying cause she is such a needy cat. I was hoping to bring her over here eventually. But I have no idea if I’ll be staying here so can’t really make those kind of plans and I don’t want to put her through that kind of stress if it’s unnecessary. I really hadn’t intended to make this post only about my cat but I figured how I got her was an interesting enough story. Well back to my lazy Sunday.

Indy and me back home on the back porch
A better look at her face


EDIT: Man I didn’t check this for typos at all. I reread a few hours later and was like yeah this isn’t okay by my standards at all. So since I’ve edited it. I thought I’d put a picture of my cat Missy as well.

Missy, Queen of the household including me.