In Loving Memory…

So its been a few weeks since I felt I could get on here and share this. But at the beginning of the month my beautiful cat Indy passed away. My mom immediately emailed me to let me know what happened and I think they were baffled as she was one minute sleeping and then the next minute gone. I know she was having issues with blood in her urine and from what the vet told me when it first happened was crystallisation in her kidneys which told me either her kidneys were shutting down slowly or there was some kind of issue like cancer or kidney disease that we did not know. I knew it was coming but I don’t think I expected it so soon after I left and for it to be abrupt. I thought maybe she’d go to the vet and they’d announce she had something that required her to be put to sleep as she was too old to fight it. And since I wasn’t there I have no idea if she had any symptoms like Missy did when she went through Kidney Disease. All I know is I hope she wasn’t in pain and she was as happy as she could be sleeping in a bed. I remember the day I left too. I was crying because I knew it was going to be the last time I saw her and I felt like I was abandoning her. I was happy to be able to see my husband but I missed her so much. I think I even cried a few days after showing up too and struggled to sleep not just because of the time change but because I didn’t have her snuggled up with me as I had every night for years. I knew she missed me and there was nothing I could do to make her feel better. But at least I had my mom taking good care of her. And now that I don’t have to worry about her and how she’s doing because I know she’s doing good and she’s in a better place with my dogs and cats I lost before. I also don’t feel guilty about the love I have for Grey because he’s been a huge comfort and I never forgot about her. My love for cats and the ones I’ve own (or been owned by) has never been short or not been enough for all of them. It’s hard to put into words so I hope I’m not being confusing. Anyway it has been hard for me to type this but I’m glad I did too as I wanted to say more about her and my memory of her. She was a beautiful sweet cat that wanted nothing more than to be the centre of your attention, I think it was a unique trait in her as I don’t think I ever had a cat be so happy from the moment I found her and fed her to this last year when I would come home from work and she would come running to greet me. I actually had to take about 20 minutes to let her lay in my lap and pet her until she was satisfied and I could do something else to unwind from my day.

And to tell you something else I’ve found rather strange. My cat Grey who loves to come into our room and lay on the bed with or without us, has twice this week laid in my lap while in bed. It’s something he’s not really done before as he usually either sleeps at the end of the bed or right next to me. Beyond him laying in my lap on the couch I usually have to pull him and lay him in my lap or on my stomach in order him to lay there but he’s come there of his own accord. It’s like he knew that lap belonged to someone else and he wasn’t going to take it until he knew it was okay. Its like laying on a lap in bed is a privileged position that only a few get to do. Anyway I shall leave this with a photos of my Indy River during happy times.

Found July 4th 1998-Passed March 4th 2015

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Farewell England!

So my last day in England.

I got my dissertation on Saturday. Got to see my marks and comments. Of course got a little annoyed with some of it. One thing I wasn’t surprised with was some of the comments were repeats. I guess I just didn’t get what he wanted me to do. Either way it’s over with.

I’ve packed pretty much everything I can. There are a few things I have to leave behind. Hopefully some of it can fit in Mike’s bags when he comes otherwise it will just stay here or can be shipped to me if I really miss it.

I’ve not been as emotional or weepy as I thought I would be. But it’s a bit different this time. I know I’m going to see him at Christmas and even though it is quite a bit away I’ll see him in the Fall when we get married. The first two times when I saw him first and then he came to see me I started crying a few days before the end of the trip because I wanted more time with him. I remember after I dropped him off at the airport the first time I had to run to the bathroom so I could cry. I’m one of those people who hates to let others see me cry especially complete strangers so I prefer to weep in private. It was kind of funny cause I got to a point where I thought I was okay enough to leave the stall and a song came on and it was so freaking sad that it got me started all over again. Finally I thought I need to go home at least I can lock myself up in my room and cry! My mom didn’t understand why I was so upset cause I was going to see him again but it was the fact I hate being separate from him! Even when I was in Leeds I thought I preferred to be at his. Granted his house had a lot of benefits that my student studio didn’t have including silence at night!

I had a nice weekend. Friday we watched a few films together, Saturday we spent some quality time together before he had to go to a brass band concert and then we had people over as a last time game night. I’ve really been glad to get to know and become friends with some of Mike’s friends. I’ll be glad to see them again at the wedding. I even got a card today from one of his friends and his wife. Mike’s godmother gave me an early Christmas present of American money when I returned her books she lent me. Sunday we went to Bronte Country and I got see the house they lived in that was turned into a museum. I wish I could have taken photos but there was no photography or video allowed. I really enjoyed it and it made me want to read the books I have and the ones I don’t have yet. I think my favorite was Jane Eyre. I remember when we were in the car and saw the moors I kept thinking about Jane traveling through them when she left Mr. Rochester before coming to her cousins’ place.

Then there was Anne Bronte’s Agnes Grey when she was in Scarborough. I got to see what she saw going down the large hill to the beach (granted with a ton of arcades that weren’t Victorian). That’s one of the biggest things I’ve loved about these novels I can visual what they saw when they were writing the manuscripts.

Anyway I’m getting distracted. I really enjoyed it there obviously lol We looked around some shops. I finally got to try a macaron (the french kind not the coconut kind) it was a mini one. It was vanilla with marzipan in the middle. Mike had a chocolate one. I’m definitely going to have to start making them. We went to dinner at a restaurant I quite like and have been wanting to go to but it seems that they have gone down in the service and quality. Almost every time we’ve gone they’ve been out of food. It’s kind of surprising really if they’re that popular. But I enjoyed my lamb shank pie and churros sundae. I also had my very last glitterberry J20, it’s only around during the holidays and it tastes like cherry jolly ranchers.

Today I got a visit from the neighbor across the road. She was giving me a send off and we were talking about marriage and family. I can’t wait to see her again next year.

I’m going to miss Grey like crazy though. I picked him up earlier and thought I need to snuggle him a lot today and I nearly let loose the waterworks. I’ve got some quality time in with Mogs and Minnie as well. I wonder if Minnie will act weird now that I won’t be there. Mogs won’t be as bothered I’m sure but I wonder she’ll be afraid of me again the next time I’m around. I at least got to give her belly a good rub and a nice chin scratch.

I don’t know what I’m going to do when I get home. I did warn my mom I might be a bit tired and crabby. I’ll be glad to see Indy again. Things should be okay, I’ll just have to get used to everything again.

And before I know it Christmas will be here and I’ll have my most wanted present, Mike. 🙂

I might write another entry or two once I’m home again. But this is the end really. I’ve really enjoyed writing this blog and been happy to get more followers. I don’t think I ever expected to get so many people liking it and coming back for more. Hopefully they will like whatever I come up with next. 🙂

It’s been a great year.

Crazy Cat Lady

So I’m taking a mini break from my lit review writing to talk about something I found the other day. Most evenings and weekends I like to relax by watching tv or playing around on the internet. One of my favorite sites that I visit weekly (used be daily when I first joined) is Pinterest. I really like it cause I get all kinds of cool idea for food recipes, one day home decors and all kinds of DIY stuff as well as ideas for my wedding that I never knew I had. :p I also like to look at photography photos and animals. My favorite is generally one of cats (of course). One day last week I was on there and was looking at the animal/pets section. And there was this adorable little photo of a kitten. The caption kind of hinted that it was rescued. So I clicked on the photo and it took me this website called Love Meow. It’s a website that is for cat lovers and has all these amazing stories of cats that are rescued, fostered or about shelters out there dedicated to trying to help cats. The story I was interested in was about a Kitten in Alberta. Apparently it was found in a dumpster with its siblings but was the only one still alive. He was lucky to be found because according to the vet he was “mere moments from death”. The kitty is now 9 months old and very healthy. There are many stories on there like that and it just makes me happy to see so many people out there helping and caring for poor cats like that. One story had me so completely moved that I found his Facebook page and I get updates on the little cutie all the time. Anakin is a kitten that was born in April and is a very special cat for one reason. He was born without a pelvis or hind legs. He was found by his owner/rescuer with a group of feral cats by the owner’s father’s job. They managed to catch him and bring him to a vet to see what was going on. He can actually walk too, I’ve seen videos and it is amazing and adorable at the same time. I showed my fiance the page of photos and pictures and explained the story to him and his immediate response was “I want him! He’s so cute!” Hurt or helpless animals tend to pull his heartstrings just as much as mine. But Anakin seems to be doing great and I love seeing the photos of the little guy. The Facebook page is and I found him and many others on

I thought I share such a lovely story about these cats and spread the word for those in need. I can’t have any cats at the moment (beyond my future in-laws’ Mogs and Minnie) but it doesn’t stop me from spreading the word to others looking to adopt. Plus I have to share my crazy cat obsession with the world. 🙂


Anakin the Two Legged Miracle. He can be found on facebook at

If Cats Could Talk…

So we found out today what happened to poor Mogs. My boyfriend’s parents came back today and she spoke to one of the neighbors after visiting with a woman across the road that has health problems. She was apparently stuck in the basement of a neighbor two doors down. The husband thought he kept hearing a cat meow and his wife kept saying “Don’t be silly”. By the third day he realized something was up and opened the door to find a frighten cat run out and climb into their chimney! He couldn’t get her out so he left his back door open and left her be and that’s how she came to show up that early morning my boyfriend found her. It would also explain why she was so dirty.

That poor, poor kitty. It would explain her behavior since she’s come back. Don’t think she’ll be doing that again.

Now I shall share the photos I’ve taken of her since she came back.


Not even back a whole day and she wants out again!


Mogs and Minnie looking outside together


Mogs still deciding about it…


She eventually joined her.


Chilling out in the closest. And wondering why I’m trying to get her out.


Enjoying a nice snooze on the bed.


What I really wished I would have gotten was a video or picture of Mogs leapfrogging Minnie yesterday outside. Mogs when she wants to come in will sit at the window, but sometimes she doesn’t realize the door is open and I have to stick my head out and tell her. Yesterday I was doing this when Minnie decides to go out as well. Mogs see this and sees that Minnie has her back to her. So she jumps down and creeps up behind Minnie before just doing a leap-frog over her and surprising the heck out of Minnie. It was quite funny. She’s definitely back to normal.

A Bit Distressed

I haven’t written anything in a few weeks. I’ve been meaning to get on and talk about the wedding I went to but I’ve decided it’s kind of passed the time for me to do it though I might in the future if it ever relates to anything on my mind. I am turning in my last paper today. From here on out it’s all about my dissertation. But I’m not going to talk about that.

I’m a bit worried. The cute adorable cat, Mogs is missing. I haven’t been wanting to say it because she’s only been gone since Monday afternoon. But it’s completely unlike her to be gone this long. She’s a rescue cat that my boyfriend’s parents got back in 2010. They got two actually Mogs and Minnie. I’ve posted photos of them a lot. They were cats that were once in abusive homes. The people we got them from previously had 3, she couldn’t keep them because she was moving and I think they didn’t allow cats. At first it was just going to be one but they decided to take the older two because they might have a harder time getting adopted than the third one which was a kitten. Mogs is really afraid of people, she tends to freak out whenever someone she doesn’t know is around and either hides or demands to go outside. Back when I first came over here, they were getting rooms painted and for some reason Mogs was really afraid of the guy who did the painting. He always wore overalls so I’m guessing her abuser was dressed similar or a tall man. Minnie the other cat who is a bit older, Mogs is probably 4 or 5 now and Minnie around 9 or 10. Minnie has a ring around her neck, she has no fur there. I had a cat like that from her wearing a collar for years but Minnie is much younger and I think is related to her abuse since she used to not like anyone touching her there. My boyfriend wonders if she has some kind of brain damage as well but we aren’t sure. Anyway since they’ve come to my boyfriend’s family, they’ve changed so much. I first met them a few months after they got them in 2010 and then when I moved here in the fall of 2011 I could see such a huge change. Minnie loves attention and will get jealous if anyone has something other than her in their lap. She especially loves laying in Mike’s dad’s lap. Mogs loves to go outside all the time and explore. She’s not much of a lap cat but when she does it’s a special treat. She loves belly rubs and expects them daily.

I love them both but there is something special about Mogs to me. I can’t quite explain it either, I guess it’s the way she’s transformed since coming here. The cat that used to hide when someone came around now waltz into the room like she’s royalty. She loves it when you give her belly rubs but only on her terms. She’s also grown since coming here and it makes me wonder if she might be a Maine Coon. She has all the right features and could be the right weight for a female. I’ve been thinking about weighting her to see but I haven’t been able to get around to it. It’s also those big yellow eyes that look at you. She’s got this cute little purr and that kind of trills at time and when she’s laying down she has to keep kneading until she’s comfortable. It’s fun to watch both of them outside in the sun chasing all the bugs in the back yard.

Minnie is a bit different to Mogs, she doesn’t want to go outside all the time, it only tends to be when it’s warm or the sun is out and she is happily content sleeping in the sun or laying on lap. It’s quite cute when I’m there and they’re parents go out somewhere, she searches for me upstairs and whines at me for attention. It was quite funny last week. His parents had gone somewhere for the day while I was upstairs trying to work on a paper. She came up and wanted attention. She usually jumps in my lap and makes her way to the bed if she doesn’t like that I’ve got the laptop. This particular occasion, I let her in my lap and she settled down for a bit but then decided she wanted to lay on the bed and then on Mike’s work shirt. This whole time I got my laptop at my side typing stuff or writing in my notebook or looking at articles. I think she didn’t like the angle I was at so she moved to the bed. She is just about settled and done making her circles when she stops and looks at me as I put my laptop back in my lap and start typing. I look at her and ask her what’s up. She meows and  then proceeds to get up. I take my laptop off my lap again and she lays down. I could not believe how jealous she was of my laptop that she had to lay on my lap again.

Minnie and Mogs are not sisters in any way but they get along. Occasionally Mogs will bug her when she’s been cooped up for too long. The other day I saw Minnie chasing something on the ground and Mogs saw this and wasn’t happy so she decided to chase Minnie a bit. But to me that’s being playful and silly. They love each others company and really need it when no one is around. Yesterday I felt pretty bad leaving Minnie by herself when I had to return to my accommodation to finish my paper. I was also concerned that Mogs hasn’t shown up either. It had rained a little and unless she finds some kind of shelter she usually wants in and the fact that she hadn’t eaten since Monday afternoon was another reason I was concerned because she would have wanted food. She’s stayed out all night before but wants back in the next morning and usually spends the day sleeping. I’m really hoping she’s just having a good time somewhere or someone maybe mistook her for a stray cat and decided to take her in. That or we just keep missing her since no one is at the house. A friend of the family has agreed to come in this week to feed them and check since I’ve had to go back but I don’t know how long she’s there for. I’m hoping that my boyfriend will text me later tonight to say she’s back. Otherwise I’m going back there early tomorrow and will look around the neighborhood for her. She’s not the only cat there without a collar that wanders.We get a grey cat that likes to visit at times and if we’re not careful come into the house and eat their food. It spends a lot of its time outside but belongs to a woman across the street. This cat tends to get into scuffles with Mogs but I always feel sorry for it since it doesn’t get to come inside often.

Come home Mogs!

I’m hoping that if she is found and okay someone will take her to the vet, she has a chip but we can’t do much with it unless a vet scans her. Otherwise I’m gonna be a worry wort and wonder where she is. The worse part for us is Mike’s dad now knows and is getting worried and he’s supposed to be on holiday. Keep us in your thoughts for Miss Mogs!

Cat Break!

Not much going on again. Been trying to do my last two papers. Went to Leeds Thursday to turn in my first one that was due and ended up with a sprained ankle. Kind of a pain considering I want to walk around and do stuff and I can’t without having some form of pain. Got an ankle bandage on Saturday though so it’s not as bad when I need to walk around. Might have to miss going in to Leeds this Thursday for a one-on-one with one of the professors for my paper. Don’t really mind since I’m meeting for a max of 15 minutes and spending close to 10 pounds getting there just for that. Doesn’t seem worth it even if I do homework in the library before and after. Anyhow! Wanted to share another cat picture. This morning after I got up and just before I started on my work I was walking in and out of the room. Left the door open as I went to brush my teeth and when I came back I thought I’d open the curtains to let a little light in and who do I find sitting there! Miss Mogs! She was surprisingly inside and decided to grace me with her presence and instead of leaving the room after looking out the window she laid in my lap (I swear it was an attempt to keep me from homework but I didn’t allow it to happen) and then moved to the bed and has been there for the last several hours. I guess it’s too cold out for her though it’s pretty cold in this room too. Usually if she comes in its late afternoon or evening and she sleeps on the bed until she has to be kicked out since we can’t leave the bedroom door open at night. It’s nice having a buddy during the day that I can take mini breaks with. Anyhow back to work.




Lap warmer