My IUS Experience Day One

Oh what it is to be a woman sometimes.

I’ve been to the doctor today. Nothing serious is wrong with me but I’ve been wanting to change the birth control I’m on. I’m not going to get into the details of why but the current pill I’m on was not working for me in many ways after being on for like 6 months. Unfortunately the nurse I saw about 3 appointments ago couldn’t put me on the combined pill again. It has to do with my BMI which I’m currently working on. Though this past weekend was a bad weekend for staying on track. I’m back on the wagon again. Anyway the nurse gave me some other options to consider. First there was the Implant in the arm which I would have for 3 years. I know I have a cousin that is using that currently but she got it for a trial thing so I don’t know if it’s actually available in the states. But since it was a trial and she has no health insurance she got it for free. Then there was two other options which were a IUD and an IUS. The difference being the IUS releases a bit of hormones and the IUD does not but they’re the same T shaped thing. They both last 5 years. When I was back in the states I had heard of them there but I was under the impression that you needed to be in a serious relationship for it for like 2 years and/or have had at least 1 kid. That might have been way back when it first came out and may have been based on a certain insurance company. I don’t know either way, I very well could be wrong but I was under the impression I couldn’t get one because I hadn’t been in a relationship (at the time at least) and definitely have never had a kid. So back to now when I’ve been told I can have it and don’t have to pay for it. That pretty much solves my worries over what I’m gonna do about birth control when I go back home since I won’t be covered on my parents health insurance anymore and as of yet don’t have any kind of job coming up that will.

So last week I went in and talked with someone and she basically talked it over with me in a bit more detail and got some information from me. And then we made my appointment. When she told me today was available I of course jumped at it because I seriously am sick of this stuff I’m on. On to today when I arrive for my appointment. I don’t know why but I almost always am nervous when I come to the doctor. I don’t think I was back home but I had been seeing that doctor since I was a kid and had a way of getting around. This place is about a 10-15 minute walk from where I live depending on if I have the energy to get up this massive hill. Today I kind of did. But I like I said I’m nervous when I go in because I don’t know who is waiting on me and when I’ll be called, a few times I’ve been early so they saw me early and other times I’ve had to wait a long time. I was booked for a half hour appointment and when I was called I actually had 3 people there for me. One was a nurse, one was the person performing the procedure and was a guest doctor of some kind. I think she came in only to do that and then a third woman who I think was also a doctor and was there to assist. So I was told the risks and talked about how it would go. It went alright though it seemed like it went for a lot longer than I expected. I’ve had exams down there and this was not as quick as I thought it would be. They had to apply a few things to let them take effect like a cleanser and some kind of numbing gel. Though it sure didn’t seem like it numbed it that much. The nurse basically talked to me to keep me from focusing on what was going on and I guess to keep me calm. But damn did I get some major cramps! I actually had to do some breathing exercising from a Pilates video I recently watched and basically lost all concentration on what I was saying to the nurse. They were really nice though. I did get to a point where I wanted to just get up but I couldn’t and wondered why they hadn’t put the damn thing in already. I got an IUS by the way. It seemed to be the best choice for me out of the three. But after the whole thing was finally done with. I got to lay there and relax a bit while the cramping died down. I was also told to take it easy and don’t move real quick or fast. I realized what they meant with the cramping coming back if I moved too fast. So I walked home with legs feeling like jelly, don’t know if that was from the walk up the hill or just the whole thing that went down. But I seriously wanted to die when I got home. The cramps were so bad and I basically had to lay on my back perfectly still until they subsided a little. I seem to be okay now though the right side is kind of sore and giving trouble every once in a while. I’m thinking the right ovary is like “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS THING?” While the left has seem to accept it has a wall up. Either way I feel loads better than I did this morning. Ice cream helped as well as laying in bed watching movies. I’ll probably be taking more painkillers until I go to bed today but right now I think I’ll make myself a late lunch and see about working on one of my papers like I was wanting to.

Oh and if I was too graphic in my explanation of what happened. Try having it done to you! There was plenty I left out. I can say now though that if this was that painful, I’d hate to see what I do in childbirth. I really wanted to be knocked out or sick from how bad it felt. It didn’t last long though. And it’s good for 5 years so it was worth it. I hope. lol I go see the doctor again in about 6 weeks to make sure all is well.