I am back!

Its been more than a year (two maybe?) since I wrote a post. I am on here now and back for good!

Since I last wrote on here a lot of things happened. My boyfriend from when I was a student at Leeds Met (now Leeds Beckett), is now my husband. We married in October 2013. What we did not expect was the next year to be the hardest for both of us. His father passed away in December 2013 just weeks after we had our second wedding reception in England. Our plans for to apply for the Spouse Visa in early 2014 got Delayed until August. But I am now living in England hopefully for several years to come or at the very least, for the next 2 1/2 years. I’ve only been here a week but there is so much to do!

I need to get my banking changed around since it was done in my maiden name back when I was a student. I’m trying to work on my NI number, I have one but also having to change my name with that. I did an email forum but now I need to call them or visit them in person to verify who I am. Probably because we got married in the states so they don’t have proof of my marriage. I also need to work on my resume or my CV as they call it here and get that online and start looking at jobs (of course that can’t happen until my Ni No is fixed). And before the month is out I need to register with a GP so I can get back on medication that I had been taking over the counter back in the states due to being uninsured.

So while I’ve been away I was back in St. Louis, where I’m from and was working two different jobs mainly. I worked in a university bookstore for over a year as a cashier. I honestly hated the job, I liked most of the people I worked with and I got along with just about everyone but I was glad to leave. Retail is rather unfulfilling even if it’s in something like a bookstore. I also worked at a community college library, in fact it was right by the town of Ferguson (or was in Ferguson, that area is kind of a fine line by the highway) that has on the news worldwide due to coverage of the death of Michael Brown and the riots and protests that have happened since then. Its amazing what the media gets wrong about things and how much they keep the stereotypes going. While its sad and horrible what has happened in the area with the way the police have handle some things and the businesses that have been suffering if not destroyed. I just wish the media would focus on what is really important. But alas, you can’t change something like that overnight. Anyhow that’s really it right now. I haven’t gone out and done much due to a lack of funds and I’ve mostly just been trying to settle myself. But I shall be back soon with another entry!


Update on Grey

So I thought I’d post a quick update on Grey. The strangest and most coolest thing happened last night. Grey had come in to eat but I just left the door open for him to go out when he wanted. It was after dinner and I was sitting next to Mike while playing the sims 3. We heard a meow just outside the door and Mike wasn’t paying much attention thinking it was Minnie but I knew the meow. Grey had come upstairs all on his own. So he came in and looked around and meowed at us. It’s odd it’s like he needs our approval before he does something. So he came in and jumped on the end of the couch and then got into the windowsill. Earlier that day I kind of lured him up to see if he’d stay. He just got in the windowsill then for a few minutes and then decided to leave. So I’m enjoying my game and watching him and the next thing I know he’s decided my lap is where he wants to lay. He pretty much forced his way onto my lap forcing me to move my laptop cause he would have laid on that too. And that’s pretty much where he laid for the last several hours last night. At one point when I was trying to get Mike to quit my game for me because I realize there was no way I was going to be able to play again he got up and got into the windowsill again but not before he decided to steal Mike’s seat briefly. His parents got to see him in the room and then make himself comfortable on me again.

When he decided to lay on me the first time, I had the biggest grin on my face and didn’t care that I couldn’t play my game. We had to put him outside again last night but it did look like he wanted out and there were some outdoor cat beds he could easily sleep in. But barely after 9am this morning he’s let in to eat and he comes upstairs again. He’s currently snoozing away on the bed that I wasn’t able to make now that I’m up. I think it might be safe to say he owns me now.


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